Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium is the abnormal growth of conjunctiva or mucous membrane covering the white part of your eye over the cornea. This benign or non-cancerous growth is often shaped like a wedge. Drishtideep is the best eye care clinic in Hooghly that provides effective conjunctiva removal process from the cornea with precision.

The Pterygium surgery performed at our institute is a minimally invasive surgical process, and it hardly takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete the whole procedure. Our highly skilled surgeons will prep you for the process following some general guidelines like you need to fast or only eat a light meal before the surgery. You have to remove any contact lenses at least 24 hours prior to the procedure.

The eye surgeons at Dristideep Eye Institute will conduct a comprehensive eye examination before the surgical process for a greater success rate.

Conjunctival Autograft surgical technique with sutures

The corneal experts at our institute prefer conjunctival autograft techniques for reduced risk of recurrence. During the surgery, the pterygium is removed, and the cornea regains full clarity. Our surgeons will fill the gap with a transplant of tissue that has been painlessly removed from underneath the upper eyelid in the mucous membrane (conjunctiva). The autograft technique we do here helps prevent the growth of the Pterygium by filling the space where abnormal tissue would have re-grown.

The autograft technique requires minute stitches to hold the autograft in place, and the stitches dissolve within one or two days after the surgery.

No-stitch autograft surgical technique

Our experienced surgeons can also do the no-stitch autograft surgery, and patients undergoing this technique had felt less pain after surgery. Apart from being effective, this surgical process reduces surgery time from an average of 21 minutes to 14 minutes. During the process, the patients are lightly sedated to ensure comfort. After completing the sedation process our surgeons removes the abnormal corneal tissue and replaces it with a thin graft of normal tissue.

The success rate of non-stitch autograft done at Dristideep is very high and our patients return with normal-appearing eyes within 2-3 weeks of surgery. Our surgeons perform the no-stitch autograft process using a modern tissue adhesive composed of clotting proteins normally found in human blood. This adhesive tissue allows the surgeon to secure a conjunctival autograft in seconds rather than in minutes. This tissue will completely dissolve after about a week leaving no residue.

Recovery process

Once the surgery is completed our eye surgeons will apply an eye patch or pad to prevent any infection. The recovery time can be estimated between a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the severity of the condition without signs of redness or discomfort.

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