Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is an eye disorder caused by the increase in Intra Ocular Pressure (IOP), and calls for immediate treatment, or else may result in irreversible and permanent loss of vision.

Two types of Glaucoma are commonly found-
  • Open angle Glaucoma
  • Closed angle Glaucoma
Patients with the risk factors mentioned below should have a regular check-up for Glaucoma-
  • Hereditary Glaucoma
  • Those 40 years of age or above
  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients on regular steroids
  • Having any physical eye injury

Being fully equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry and expert eye surgeons in Hooghly providing the best eyecare technology, Dristideep Eye institute has helped many patients recover from Glaucoma in very less time. As said, “prevention is better than cure” we do proper screening of every patient to prevent and treat Glaucoma at an early stage.

For an effective treatment of Glaucoma please check for the early symptoms at the earliest-
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Severe eye pain
  • Nausea, vomiting, and headache
  • Eyes becoming sensitive to light and glare

In most of the cases Glaucoma is treated by medication. However, certain or uncontrolled cases require proper attention and may have to undergo Laser or Surgical treatment process.

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