Optical Shop

Optical Shop

The optical service shop at Drishtideep Eye Institute is totally dedicated towards providing you with the highest standards of professional eyecare with friendly service and quality product. With the combination of right expertise and diverse product option we are able to meet all your optical requirements starting with regular glasses to highly specialized eyewear’s. Our moto is to provide you the best at an affordable price, and we serve for all patients with prescriptions from any doctor or eyecare service provider.

At Drishtideep Eye Institute’s optical service shop you get multiple options of branded and non-branded spectacle frames that suit every patients’ requirements, and the price range starts with budget frames to high end branded frames. The stylish frames displayed at our shop are the perfect combination of young and old styling outlook and functionality. The sales personnel present in the shop are highly skilled and could help you choose appropriate frames and lenses prescribed for a bifocal or a single field of vision.

Bifocal and progressive lenses (Multi focal lenses)

Apart from using regularly prescribed spectacles, you can also switch to the latest progressive and bifocal lenses which are in demand as of now. We have a wide range of stylish and economical sunglasses and eyewears of select brands. The professionally trained and experienced staff members of Drishtideep can help you enhance your vision effectively.

Why Dristideep optical service shop?
  • Fair price.
  • Wide variety of spectacles including designer models.
  • More optical services available for both adults and children.
  • High-quality frames and lens options such as lightweight titanium models, stainless steel models, and low-cost fiber models.

International brands available with us-

Dristideep Eye Institute offers a wide variety of optical wearables matching your profile and prescription requirements. Our licensed opticians are trained to fit you and help you select frames effectively.

If you have a query, call us:

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