Patient Counselling

Patient Counselling

Apart from providing best in class eye care facilities we ensure to provide counselling services to every patient visiting Drishtideep. We have observed that many patients have questions regarding their prescriptions or illnesses but don’t understand how to deal with it.

Effective patient counselling help patients better understand his/her illness and it plays a vital role in the management of chronic illnesses as well. Moreover, patient counselling helps you better understand the necessary lifestyle modifications in a better way and thus enhance patient compliance. Our patient counselling pharmacist or counsellor possess adequate knowledge, experience, and have verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

How we counsel patients-
  • During each counselling session, we monitor the patients progress towards desired therapeutic or prescribed outcomes.
  • We collect patient feedbacks on a regular basis to maximize their chances of preventing any drug-related issues.
  • We monitor and identify the health risks posed by the prescribed medications and illness.
  • We appropriately educate patients about the difference between prescribed and non-prescribed drugs.
  • What the patient should do to monitor his/her therapeutic response or development of side effects if any.
  • Help patients understand the reason for the drug and the intended therapeutic response under associated time frames.

Moreover, proper counselling is very important and should be done by trained professionals which can make a profound impact on the lives of the patients. It helps patients determine the root cause of illness and focus on healing.

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