Everything about routine eye care during the trying time of COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic

Our eyes are delicate organs of the body and generally calls for stringent care. During the trying time of COVID-19 pandemic it is now more important to take a good care of your eyes. Patients arriving at the eye clinics for eye treatment in Howrah have complained of many issues related to eyes and to maintain proper vision. Even scarce availability of COVID-19 vaccines a do not suggest that you become negligent of your eyes.

Is coronavirus potent enough to affect the eyes?

Yes, coronavirus is quite potent to infect eyes if proper eye care is not put into action. As depicted by the eye specialists providing eye care treatment at the best eye hospital in Kolkata, coronavirus could easily spread through your eyes, so it is essential to keep our eyes protected at all times. If an COVID-19 positive person sneezes or coughs in front of you without wearing a face mask, there are 100% chances that the virus can enter the body via nose, mouth, and the eyes as well.

As suggested by the renowned eye specialists of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, there are higher chances of infection when you touch your eyes after touching any virus infested surface. Once infected, the virus could turn the eyes pink or conjunctivitis, however, there is nothing to panic as it can be easily treated and cured with the administration of proper treatment. In case of virus infection consult your ophthalmologist or eye specialist without further delay which can only help in taking care of your eyes.

How to protect your eyes from Coronavirus infection? Here is how -

Apart from guarding your hands, nose, and mouth, shielding your eyes are equally important, and it is a common sense as taking precautionary measures can significantly reduce the risk of getting infected. Along with the recommended eye treatment in Howrah, here are some ways to follow which can help in keeping your eyes safe and healthy in these trying times -

  • Switch to glasses if you are using contact lenses
  • There is no medical proof that using contact lenses increases the chances of infection, but people using contact lenses often touch their eyes as compared to glass wearers. Touching your eyes with bare hands might increase the chances of contraction of Coronavirus. To keep infection at bay it is suggested to use glasses more often and switching from lenses to glasses will decrease eye irritation which will stop you from using contact lenses. Glasses even work as a shield and protect your eyes from the airborne respiratory droplets especially in public places.

  • Stocking up essential medications
  • According to the eye specialist of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, stocking up of prescribed medications for the treatment of the eye in advance can help you if you turn Corona positive and to be home quarantined for a specific number of days. However, stocking up of medication may be possible for all, but it is best suggested asking the pharmacist or the doctor for help in stocking of the necessary medicines and never forget to refill the existing stock as soon as you are due. It is best not to wait until replenishing of the existing medicines as it could delay the treatment process once your medicine stocks finish.

  • Avoid rubbing eyes without sanitizing hands
  • As per human nature it might seem hard to not rub your eyes quite often during the entire day, and it is really hard to break this natural habit. But the thing is that if we can help us from rubbing our eyes can lower the risk of infection from the virus. However, if there is the need to rub your eyes to adjust the glasses or scratch around the eye, then it should be done using a tissue instead of using fingers. Often dry eyes itch a lot, so it is advised to use moisturizing eye drops to your eyes on a timely basis during the day. Never forget to wash your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds and finish it off by washing hands again after touching your eyes.

  • Limiting computer usage
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic working from home was the new normal and many people used to spend a considerable amount of screen time sitting in front of the computers. Spending many hours in front of computers, laptops, smartphones, and other devices can lead to eye strain making the eyes feeble and prone to infections. So, it is best to follow the 20-20-20 rule by taking a break every 20 minutes, looking away from the screen for 20 seconds, and stare at a distant object placed 20 feet away while working on computers.

According to the ophthalmologists of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, strictly follow the COVID-19 protocols for maintaining hygiene of eyes. Experts across the globe recommends that individuals should strictly avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands which can eventually help in stopping the spread of the deadly virus.

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