Routine eye check-ups; Why is it important, and how can it help you?

For proper maintenance of vision, it is very important to schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologist who can check for any underlying symptoms or other conditions such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and cataract. To schedule an appointment for an eye check-up, eye hospital in Hooghly is the right place where there are several ophthalmologists on standby to offer the required treatment after conducting the eye check-up.

What is the significance of eye check-ups?

According to the eye specialists of the best eye hospital in Howrah, eye check-ups hold equal importance both for adults and children's, however, it can be confused with vision screening which is a basic examination conducted to check for difficulty in seeing, or even it might require further assessment to correct the condition. Generally, eye check-ups conducted by the ophthalmologists to check for visual function is applicable both for near and distant vision. With basic screening of the eyes, it becomes easier for the patients to know when there is a requirement of glasses or spectacles.

Proper eye check-up further helps in the corrections that are needed periodically based on the improvement of the eye condition which might have deteriorated over the years. As depicted by the ophthalmologists of the best eye hospital in Kolkata, condition like astigmatism is quite common and might even interrupt daily life activities. With routine eye check-ups it becomes easier for the doctor to diagnose eye problems and prescribe if there is a requirement of cylindrical power or not. In case of cataracts where the eye lens becomes opaque resulting in blurred vision, going for routine eye check-ups can help with timely identification of cataract and if there is any requirement of lens replacement to restore normal vision.

Here are some reasons explaining why routine eye check-ups is important for you -
  • Helps in early detection of glaucoma
  • According to the best eye specialist, regular eye check-ups can certainly help in detection and treatment of glaucoma which is a serious eye disease as observed in many patients. The worst thing is that there are no early symptoms of glaucoma making it a vision threatening condition. People not opting for routine eye exams develop glaucoma without even having a hint, and when detected it has already caused permanent vision loss from the disease.

  • Helps in the detection Myopia
  • Myopia or near-sightedness is found in many patients and is growing faster than it was earlier. It affects patients in a very early stage or the growing years mostly in case of children. Children's suffering from near-sightedness experience progression of the condition that continues all throughout their childhood days if not detected at an early stage. Going for routine eye check-ups do help in assessing the risks of developing myopia and slow down the progression of the condition.

  • Helps in regular maintenance of eyes
  • Going for routine eye check-ups in the best eye hospital in Kolkata is highly necessary as it helps in the detection of any serious conditions and makes sure that both the eyes are functioning properly. Some people complain about problems related with focussing or hand-eye coordination. With routine check-ups, it becomes easier to treat when detected at a developing stage, so it is important to diagnose any eye condition as early as possible

  • Helps in the detection of other diseases
  • Our eyes act as our body's "open window" and could signal that there are serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even cancer in some cases. With a comprehensive routine eye check-up, the doctor can evaluate other health conditions simply by observing the blood vessels in the retina. Particularly, diabetes patients should go for regular eye exams, otherwise there might be a risk of the disease getting worse.

As suggested by the best eye specialist, you should go for a routine eye check-up even when there is no evident vision problem. The problems might be underlying until diagnosed by the eye specialist. As observed in several patients, other serious health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. can affect your vision, so it is best suggested that eye check-ups are taken into consideration at the earliest.

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