Holi; a festival of colors - Enjoy a blissful Holi this season taking proper care of your eyes

Holi - the festival of colors lets everyone drench-in and play with the entire spectrum of colors, but while you play Holi never let the colors get into your delicate eyes. There is no doubt to the fact that eye care in Kolkata has improved with the implementation of state-of-the-art medical technologies.

The festival is celebrated in India representing the celebration of a bountiful harvest and during the festival of Holi, all the streets and by-lanes of your neighborhood come live with vibrant colors. However, as suggested by the eye specialist of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, to avert eye injuries better not expose the eyes to the elements or the colors.

To make this Holi a memorable one, keep not some of the following safety tips or "Don'ts" helping protect your eyes -
  • Don't force anyone to play Holi
  • Most of the eye injury cases as complained by many patients visiting the best Eye hospital in Howrah are simply due to being forced to play with colors. Never force anyone resisting to play Holi as they won't be prepared with the eye-protective gears such as protective goggles, eyeglasses, and other protective gears. The color used during the festival might be harmful to or some might be allergic to it as well.

  • Don't use balloons filled with colored water
  • Mostly done by the children, balloons are thrown at an individual without letting them know. This can be dangerous and can be the cause of blunt trauma to the eyes leading to bloody eyes, dislocation of the lens, and even retinal detachment as well. In severe cases, it has been observed that some of the patients have even permanently lost vision and even an eye after being accidentally attacked by water balloons. However, if in any case a person gets injured they should immediately be taken to an eye clinic.

  • Don't use chemically prepared colors
  • The patients visiting the eye hospital in Hooghly complain of eye problems after playing using chemically prepared colors. These colors could contain most of the hazardous chemicals such as mercury, asbestos, silica, and lead. Apart from being toxic to the eyes, these chemical colors are even toxic for the human skin and the eyes. Accidental release of chemical colors in the eyes can cause eye irritation, redness, and loss of vision.

  • Don't wear contact lenses while you play Holi
  • Wearing contact lenses should be avoided while you play with the colors, because if the colors accidentally get into the contact lenses then the lenses can leach overtime. This can further cause significant chemical injury and also the colors can stain the lenses which can only be replaced with a new contact lens. Eyecare in Kolkata especially during the festival of colors should be taken seriously. However, if you choose to wear contact lenses and cannot make out without them then it is best suggested to wear eyeglasses which will act as a mechanical barrier and stop colors from staining the contact lenses.

  • Don't treat yourself and take medicines
  • It is totally wrong to self-medicate and take medicines in case of an eye injury while playing Holi. In case of an injury, it is always best to seek the help of eye specialists who knows how to treat an eye injury during Holi. Opting for self-medication can prove to be fatal as the wrong eye drops used can cause more harm than good. Always splash your eyes in case color comes in contact with the eyes and this can help wash off the colors without causing any harm to the eyes.

The color festival "Holi" celebrated across all the states in India is the only time friends and family members get together to play with color. Playing with colors can be the best experience of your life if necessary precautions are adhered to, which will ensure the safety of your delicate eyes.

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