Guidelines or Dos and don'ts of wearing contact lenses ensuring safety of your eyes

Best alternative to eye glasses, contact lenses are preferred by many because of the convenience and comfort offered by it. As stated by the best eye specialist in Kolkata, these lenses are thin and clear discs worn directly on the eyes to improve vision. Same as glasses, the contact lenses functions to correct any form of refractive error such as near-sightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). But being more delicate when compared to glasses, contact lenses require extra care and attention for proper upkeeping on a regular basis.

What is the right way to properly clean and maintain contact lenses?

When it comes to improving vision with comfort, contact lenses are the only option available in the market. These lenses are light-weight, and you won't feel like wearing one, whereas on the other hand wearing eye glasses do feel like something balanced on the nose and ears. Because of offering the best to improve vision along with comfort, contact lenses are often prescribed by the eye specialists of the best eye hospital in Hooghly.

Taking proper care of the lenses can be quite challenging at times, and it takes time to be compatible with the lens and the type of material it is made up of. In terms of taking care of the contact lenses there are two basic types of process, one is by using multi-purpose care solution and the other using hydrogen peroxide solution. Depending on the made of the lenses these two types of lens cleaning solutions have different recommendations as well. Before going for the lens caring options, it is suggested to consult a doctor specialising in optometry to ensure the cleaning agents are best suited for the particular type of contact lenses that you wear.

However, as suggested by the best eye specialist of the eye hospital in Howrah, only by following the guidelines and these Dos and Don'ts will ensure safe and comfortable wearing and caring of your contact lenses -

  • Dos; clean the lenses properly
  • According to the best eye specialist in Kolkata, proper cleaning of the contact lenses is crucial and can help in preventing eye infections. Not cleaning the lenses properly can lead to contamination of the lenses. While handling the lenses always ensure to clean your hands with soap and water and never forget to dry them properly before wearing. To clean the lenses properly it is suggested to pour the cleaning agent on the lens and rub with a clean finger, and then rinse it again with fresh solution. After cleaning, wipe it dry using a tissue and place it upside down on the tissue to remove the excess cleaning solution.

  • Don't; Never top off contact lens solution
  • While cleaning the lenses it is suggested to use fresh contact lens cleaning solution or agent before storing them overnight. Many people do make a mistake of adding a new solution to the old one that is already stored in the case, but this should be avoided or it might lead to a serious eye infection such as Acanthamoeba keratitis which is a rare and painful eye infection taking longer than usual time to heal completely.

  • Dos; consult your eye specialist to know if the lenses can be put on while asleep
  • Considering the comfort provided many people tend to sleep wearing contact lenses which is not right and could lead to serious eye infections by 10 times. This is the reason why the eye specialist recommends not to wear lenses while sleeping. However, there are some types of lenses that can be worn overnight but before using those lenses better consult your doctor and go for regular eye check-ups.

  • Don't; take a shower wearing contact lenses
  • Better avoid taking a shower wearing contact lenses and always remove them before diving into the swimming pool or bath tub. Microorganisms present in water can lead to eye infections once water comes into contact with the contact lenses. Bacteria and fungi present in water do multiply in number rapidly which can lead to eye infections if the organisms come in close contact with the lenses.

  • Dos; consult your doctor before replacing contact lenses
  • Eye specialist of the eye hospital in Howrah, recommend replacing contact lenses in a timely fashion. However, there are disposable lenses in the market which can be disposed after single use, but it is best to consult a doctor before using one. Go for routine eye examinations and once your eyes feel uncomfortable immediately see an eye specialist otherwise the condition of the eyes might worsen.

  • Don't; go for unprescribed contact lenses
  • Buying contact lenses without prescription is a strict no-no, and many people might feel to use the coloured lenses which serves only the cosmetic purpose and has nothing to do in aiding visual acuity. However, if the lenses are prescribed by a doctor then there is nothing to worry but from the decorative and cosmetic perspective the lenses should be assessed by the doctor before being used.

Apart from the above-mentioned Dos and Don'ts always read the instruction booklet provided with the contact lens. Take more care of the contact lens storage case, the lens cleaning solution, and follow all the instruction of the doctor.

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