Treatment of orbital diseases or tumors using oculoplasty or reconstructive surgical process

Oculoplasty is basically a reconstructive surgery performed for the treatment of orbital diseases, and in other terms it is also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery as well. The eye specialist recommends oculoplasty treatment in Kolkata for those patients suffering from orbital diseases such as tumours, inflammatory orbital pseudotumor or any other form of orbital disease affecting any structure within the orbit of the eyes.

According to the eye specialist of the best eye hospital in Howrah, inflammatory orbital tumors can affect the orbital areas and the cause of the inflammations can be non-specific, granulomatous, and vasculitic due to reactive lymphoid hyperplasia. However, the inflammations can be a result of any other underlying medical disorders as found in many patients visiting the eye clinics for orbital tumor treatment.

What is an orbital tumor?

As per medical terminology, orbital tumors are inflammations that occurs behind and around the eyes and can be the main reason behind bulging of the eyes which is also known as proptosis as well. The eye clinics specializing in Oculoplasty or reconstructive eye surgery in Kolkata offer the best treatment of orbital tumors. Orbital tumor are best treated with oculoplastic surgeries and is carried out by some experienced eye surgeons. With orbital tumor in the eyes, the patient is unable to move eyelids the natural way and makes it impossible to close the eyes leading to corneal breakage.

However, there can be certain reasons for causing orbital tumors and the most common cause of among them can be thyroid eye disease or lymphoid tumors. The top eye hospitals in Hooghly provide the latest eye tumor treatment using Oculoplasty. This treatment process is often prescribed for the treatment of tumors like a vascular tumor, lacrimal gland tumors, and growth of tissues extending from the sinuses to the orbital regions of the eyes. There can be many other reasons for the orbital tumor such as Metastatic cancer which might originate from other body parts, and is caused by inflammations caused due to infection.

The general symptoms of orbital tumors can be stated as –

As observed in many patients the symptoms of orbital tumor might appear with bulges in the eyeballs or the patient may even have double vision as well. The inflammations in the eyes can cause severe eye pain in certain cases and those patients are prescribed for oculoplasty treatment in Kolkata. However, when orbital eye tumor is detected in the patient they are mostly referred for a CT or MRI scan of their head, sinuses, and the eye orbit. Some common symptoms of orbital tumor as observed in patients are -

  • Painful eyes.
  • Feeling of itchy sensation in the eyes.
  • Change or even loss of vision.
  • Having problem in moving the eyeballs in sync with the other.
  • Droopy and swollen eyelids.

The symptoms mentioned above may sometimes lead to something else other than the orbital tumor, but should not be neglected once detected. Patients are advised to visit the nearest eye care facility at the earliest in order to receive orbital tumor treatment. At the clinic the symptoms will be examined properly by the eye specialists and the eye condition will be evaluated to administer the best treatment available.

Oculoplasty is best defined as –

The reconstructive plastic surgery is generally performed for the correction of eye orbits and all the surrounding structures. Patients are recommended for Oculoplasty eye surgery in Kolkata for improving comfort, function and appearance in case of several cases such as -

  • Tear drainage issues
  • Correction of mispositioned eyelids
  • Eyelid cancer and pseudotumor
  • Eye socket or orbital corrections
  • Correction of eyebrow issues

As depicted by the ophthalmologists, many of the times Oculoplasty is performed for the correction of problems related to eyes and to make changes to the cosmetic appearance of eyes and its surrounding areas as well.

What are the causes orbital tumor?

As depicted by some of the best eye specialists' orbital eye tumor is a graves' disease affecting the eye orbit and is also known for affecting the eyelids and hinder its natural movements as well. This disease spreads further by invading the fat tissue and the muscle tissues present in the orbit. In several cases it is observed that patients visiting the top eye hospitals in Hooghly with the disease left untreated for a long time and often leads to loss of vision and permanent blindness as well.

However, it has also been found that some orbital tumors are formed when cancer of other body parts (lungs, breasts, or skin) is left untreated and spreads to the orbit. There is not any particular reason behind the occurrence of orbital tumors and some developing orbital tumors are often detected at a primary or early stage.

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