How can be squint corrected in patients? Everything about Squint surgery performed in Drishtideep

Squint is basically an eye condition where both the eyes are misaligned and rotate in separate directions. Patients visiting the eye clinics for Squint surgery in Kolkata often come with misaligned eyes where either of the eyes might turn inwards, upwards, downwards, or even outwards as well. In such a case only one of the both eyes are able to focus properly on any object at any point in time. However, Squint can be corrected with early treatment and there are several treatment options available to restore the natural eye alignment.

What are the types of Squint observed in patients?

As depicted by the best ophthalmologists of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, Squint can be divided into four types and the types are described accordingly by the way eye turns or rotates. This eye condition can be observed both in children and adults, and the treatment process usually begins by prescribing eye glasses, botulinum toxin injections, or even the combination of both at the same time. Squint can be divided according to the following positions of the eye -

  • Hypertropia - Eyes turning upwards
  • Esotropia - Eyes turning inwards
  • Hypotropia - Eyes turning downwards
  • Exotropia - Eyes turning outwards

In each of the above cases of Squint or Strabismus early diagnosis and effective treatment can only help in correcting the condition. Once Squint is detected in the patient, they should go for the treatment process at the earliest or else the condition might not get corrected.

Signs and symptoms associated with Squint are -

According to the surgeons performing Squint surgeries at the best squint surgery hospital suggests to look out for some signs such as -

  • Eyes won't align in the same direction, and in case of children, eyes might be slightly misaligned which might not get noticed easily.
  • Eyes struggling to move together.
  • Difficulty in closing any of the eyes in bright lighting conditions.
  • Requiring to tilt head in order to view an object.
  • Limited depth of perception leading to bumping into things while walking.

Symptoms of Strabismus often arises and diminishes but may turn worse when the person tired or sick. However, in cases of new-born's, eyes may look misaligned in the beginning and often gets corrected by 3 to 4 months of age, if not, then treatment is the only option left.

What are tests and diagnosis process to be undergone by the patients before Squint surgery?

In terms of preoperative Squint treatment and surgery specialized examinations are conducted at the best eye clinic in Howrah in order to properly assess the alignment of the eyes. These tests are important and are done to determine which eye muscles are responsible for the misalignment and requires needs surgery to restore the natural alignment of the eyes.

The tests that are conducted by the best eye specialists and surgeons of the eye clinic which includes using prisms helping in determining or measuring the degree of Squint in the patient. However, some other common tests are even conducted such as blood tests, chest X-rays, and an EKG is done by the anesthetist in order to determine the safest method of administering anesthetics and prep the patient for the surgery.

How is the patient prepared for Squint surgery?

Before performing Squint surgery in Kolkata, the eye specialist might suggest for -

  • Preoperative assessment - To assess Squint some simple tests are conducted to check and confirm the condition.
  • Visiting the clinic - The patient is called at the clinic to let them know about the procedure and when they should stop eating and drinking before surgery.
  • Discharging the patient after the surgery - After a successful Squint surgery the patients are discharged the same day but is recommended some restrictions in terms of performing daily chores.

Squint surgery is quite delicate and the procedure is conducted with special care and attention and the eye is not totally removed from the socket. However, the surgeon will gently open the eyelids with the help of a lid speculum in order to make a small opening through the conjunctiva which is the mucous membrane surface of the eye giving access to the eye muscles that are misaligned. After the surgical process the misaligned muscles are fixed to their original position using dissolvable stitches hidden behind the operated eye.

What is the post-surgery precautionary measures prescribed by the surgeon?

Post Squint surgery at the best squint surgery hospital, patients are provided with an eye protection pad to be put over the operated eye, and it can be removed the next day. However, in some cases, some patients might experience some side effects such as -

  • Pain in the operated eye which can persist for at least a few days
  • Eyes can stay red for a couple of months or even bloody tears
  • Itchy eyes caused by the undissolved stitches made in the eyes
  • Having double vision persisting for a week or long

After a Squint surgery the patient can return to normal day-to-day activities as advised by the eye specialist. Post-surgery at the best eye clinic in Howrah, the patients are recommended to avoid swimming, contact sports, and any form of vigorous exercise for at least two weeks.

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