Eye Safety Tips - All about vision protection and the things you can do to keep your eyes healthy

To protect your vision, taking proper care of the eyes are important, be it your workplace or home. According to the best eye specialist in Kolkata, it is very important to go for eye check-ups conducted by an optometrist on a regular basis. Maintaining good vision is also important because it helps you perform well in all spheres of life.

By maintaining a few simple steps, you can ensure proper health of your eyes and keep eyesight at its best. Apart from going for eye exams at the best eye hospital in Hooghly, having a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients also help in maintaining your vision. As per statistics, it has been observed that for not having regular eye check-ups over 20 million people across the globe suffer severe vision loss at a very early age.

What are risk factors that can affect your vision health?

With an increase in age of a person several risk factors might crop up without showing any symptoms. Patients coming for eye surgery in Drishtideep Eye Institute come with different forms of eye diseases which might be way beyond treatment using medicines and can only be corrected by performing surgery. Some of the risk factors that increase as the person ages are cataract, presbyopia, glaucoma, etc. Apart from these risk factors there are several other risk factors that might affect your vision health and even heightens the chances of developing vision problems if not treated immediately.

Identifying the risk factors can only help in decreasing the chances of vision loss, so schedule regular eye exams at the best eye hospital in Howrah where highly-trained ophthalmologists can easily take care of vision problems in very less time. Some top risk factors include -

  • Diabetes - which can lead to the swelling of eye lens leading to distorted vision. Having high blood sugar levels could even lead to the damage to the retina.
  • High blood pressure - Having high blood pressure is bad for your health and can even cause hypersensitive retinopathy by damaging the blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Consumption of alcohol - Drinking or consuming excessive alcohol can be the reason for several eye disorders.
  • Sunlight exposure - The UV rays of the sun are very harmful for the sensitive eyes and prolonged exposure to sunlight can extensively damage the lens and retina.

As suggested by the best eye specialist in Kolkata, to maintain proper health of your vision it is important to follow these easy steps and following them on a regular basis can provide instant results, so here is what needed to keep your eyes safe -

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet
  • Maintaining eye health can be done by following a healthy diet regime by intake of nutrients like omega - 3 fatty acids, vitamin C & E, lutein, zinc, etc. Plant and fruits such as green leafy vegetables like spinach, peanuts, oranges, kale, and collards are best for eyes. Nutrients from animal sources salmon, tuna, eggs, oysters, pork, and oily fish are best for the eyes. Apart from maintaining the health of your eyes, having a well-balanced diet can even help in maintaining a healthy body weight and can lower the chances of obesity as well.

  • No smoking
  • The eye specialists of the best eye hospital in Hooghly suggest quitting smoking as soon as possible or else it might lead to cataract, cause damage to the optic nerve, and cause macular degeneration as well. The earlier you quit smoking, higher are the chances to protect your vision, but it is best to consult an eye specialist if still there are any vision problems even after quitting smoking.

  • Use of sunglasses while outdoors
  • A right pair of sunglasses are best at protecting the light sensitive eyes from being exposed to the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the suns UV rays can extensively cause damage to the eyes and does even increase the chances of cataract and macular degeneration as well. Sunglasses that can block 99% to 100% of the UVA and UVB rays are best used while being outdoors. The wraparound lenses are best used to protect the eyes from the sides and use of polarized lenses does help in reducing glare of the light at night.

  • Use of eye protection gear
  • People working in the construction site are exposed to the airborne particles. This is the reason why it is important to wear safety glasses or protective eye goggles while working at the construction sites. Apart from the safety glasses, helmets having protective face masks made up of polycarbonate can help in shielding the eyes, thus providing extra protection.

  • Avoid blue light emitted by computer screens
  • Working on the digital devices for hours every day can lead to severe vision problems. Devices like the computer screens and mobile phones emit high energy blue light. Daily intake of nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin nourishes the eyes and helps to protect them by filtering blue light. To lessen exposure to blue light it is best to keep your computer screen at a distance of 20"-24" of your eyes, blink frequently for eye lubrication, and adjust the light to minimize glare on the screen.

Best suggested by the best eye specialist in Kolkata, our eyes are a vital and sensitive organ which should not be taken for granted. Following some simple easy steps can drastically improve your eye health but above all having a good night sleep is equally important in maintaining vision health.

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