Retinal Detachment; some of the facts and symptoms related to Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal detachment; it is basically a sudden increase in floaters or else known as minute dark spots or line that floats at the front of your eyes. Due to this condition, the retina detaches or gets separated from its attachments with the tissues in the eyes, and Retinal Detachment Surgery in Kolkata is the only process of correction of the condition helping improve your field of vision.

Retinal detachment can be described as -

The retina functions as a light-sensitive curtain in the eyes with a lining inside the eyewalls and sends visual signals to the brain which are then interpreted as objects. According to the eye experts of the best eye hospital in Howrah, in case of retinal detachment, different tissue layers in the eyes get detached from their natural position in the eyes. A person with retinal detachment requires immediate medical attention and if not treated at the right time then it might even lead to vision loss as well.

In most cases, it is found that the retinal detachments are a result of a retinal break, tear or hole, and can be easily corrected by retinal surgery in Drishtideep Eye Institute in Dankuni. Retinal detachments can happen due to eye injuries and most of the retinal breaks, holes, and tears can be involuntary when the vitreous gel in the eyes pulls of or loosens from its attachments. The vitreous gel present in the eyes is a clear fluid filling almost two-thirds of the eye and occupies the frontal space of the retina.

As observed in patients here are some of the common symptoms of retinal detachment -

As depicted by some of the highly experienced eye specialists of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, retinal detachment symptoms differ accordingly as there will be no visual symptoms in case of a minute detachment of the retina. However, like in major cases when the retina gets completely detached the patient is not able to view properly as normal and some of the symptoms include -

  • Appearance of a lot of floaters or the minute dark spots across your vision.
  • Flashing of light in one eye or even in both eyes at the same time.
  • Appearance of a dark shadow on the sides and even in the middle portion of the view field.

Retinal detachment is a serious condition not to be neglected when minor symptoms start appearing. If not treated at the right time then there can be chances that the ophthalmologist might recommend retinal Detachment Surgery in Kolkata to correct and restore vision. However, one good thing about retinal detachment is that the symptoms are not observed lately which gives enough time to the patient to undergo treatment on the immediate appearance of any of the symptoms.

What are the best preventive measures suggested by eye specialists to help prevent retinal detachment?

In the major cases when there are no options left other than undergoing retinal surgery in Drishtideep Eye Institute in Dankuni, some preventive measures can help in preventing retinal detachment in the individual. In maximum cases, retinal detachments occur as a result of aging and there might be no way to prevent it, but the risks of the detachment of the retina happened due to eye injuries can be lowered by using or wearing protective safety goggles and any other eye protective gears can be used while undertaking a risky job.

However, if there appears a symptom of retinal detachment then it is highly recommended to visit an eye specialist right away. With early treatment administered retinal detachment can be prevented and a vision loss can be averted as well. Regular comprehensive dilated eye exams should be performed which will help the eye specialist find a minor tear or detachment of the retina at an early stage.

Retinal detachment can be treated successfully at the best eye hospital in Howrah by undergoing the following treatment processes -
  • Undergoing laser surgery - laser surgery successfully treats any small holes or tear and in this surgical process tiny burns are made using the laser to set back the retina into place.
  • Undergoing Cryopexy - this is a freezing treatment process where the areas around the holes are frozen helping reattach the retina back again.
  • Undergoing Gas injection - in this treatment process the eye surgeon injects gas bubbles into the eyes and might be needed to be done along with laser and cryopexy treatment as well. The gas bubbles injected help in holding back the retina against the eyewall and the surrounding areas are treated with laser or cryopexy in order to reattach the retina.

Using state-of-the-art technology retinal surgery in Drishtideep Eye Institute in Dankuni is performed to reattach the retina back into its original place and the visual capabilities can only be achieved after a month of undergoing the treatment process. To prevent retinal detachment it is best recommended to see an eye specialist at the earliest.

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