Cataract Surgery; dos and don'ts to be followed for faster recovery after undergoing the surgery

After undergoing a cataract surgery at the best eye hospital in Hooghly, recovering the proper will only ensure in restoring vision same as healthy eyes. The recovery process usually painless and a stress-free process if the dos and don'ts are followed strictly. Cataract surgeries can be completed in very less time if you are in the good hands of the best cataract specialists, and it can even help in faster recovery after undergoing the surgical procedure.

The cataract surgeries usually take 10 min to complete and only one eye is operated at a time which is why the procedure takes very less time to complete. After performing cataract surgery in Howrah, after the surgical procedure patients are advised to rest for about 30 minutes and this time is required to recovery from the effect of anesthetics, and the patient can immediately leave after the surgery.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts advised by the eye specialists and needed to be followed strictly after the surgery at an eye hospital in Howrah -

As mentioned earlier cataract surgeries take very less time but what is the most important thing is to how to recover from the after-surgery effects by following the dos and don'ts. Following the dos and don'ts as per the doctor's instruction is very necessary as it can help in taking proper care of your eyes and to keep a check for any form of infections and other issues as well.

  • Dos post-surgery; use of prescribed medicines only
  • Patients advised for a cataract surgery in Kolkata do need to use the eye drops as recommended in order to keep your eyes infection free at all times. However, the eye drops might differ and the drops prescribed for pre-surgical preparation may not be prescribed post-surgery. Always follow the instructions of the doctor's and apply the drops as advised or recommended. The eye drop application instruction may not be the same as it was advised before the surgical process, and depending on the recovery time taken the drops may have to be administered more at different times of the day.

  • Don'ts post-surgery; avoid splashing water into the eyes
  • Avoid use of soap and water as it might get through the incisions made in the eyes which needs time to heal, and no stitches are made to close the incisions made in the eyes. Post-surgery it is very important to take proper care of the eyes as there are higher chances of bacterial infections or entry of any kind of particle into the eyes are inevitable. As the incisions stay open for some days, so it is important to take proper care of eyes while taking a shower.

  • Dos post-surgery; wear the protective shield when sleeping
  • As suggested by the expert eye surgeon of the best eye hospital in Hooghly, wear a protective shield on your eyes while you sleep. It will keep the eyes protected. It is advised to do so because, compared to day time activities when you are able to view everything, at night to make sleeping adjustments you might roll over or even rub your eyes accidentally against your pillow. This can lead to eye infections so better use the eye shield to be used at night as prescribed by the doctor after the surgery.

  • Don'ts post-surgery; avoid rubbing of eyes
  • Better not rub your eyes and avoid putting any form of pressure as it might lengthen the healing process as well. While you rub your eyes, you are unknowingly letting in harmful bacteria's and fungi to enter the operated eyes. However, there can be itching sensation in the operated eyes but according to eye specialists it is best to avoid itching the eyes as it can make things worse, so resist the urge to itch as much possible.

  • Dos post-surgery; minor change in lifestyle
  • Change your lifestyle accordingly as advised by the doctor and follow specific instructions regarding what to do and what to not post cataract surgery. The eye experts of a leading eye hospital in Howrah knows what is best for you and what is not. Better go with their instructions to avoid any form of complications which might lead to additional surgical process or even might lead to loss of vision as well.

  • Don'ts post-surgery; avoid daily chores
  • It is best not to continue with the daily chores immediately unless advised by the doctor after the surgery. Avoid activities such as exercising, lifting heavy weight, and any other form of strenuous activities as well. It is best to avoid doing daily chores until the operated eyes have recovered completely, and your doctor is the right person to determine what is next.

Post cataract surgery patients lose patience and try to continue with their day-to-day activities which is the best avoided for safety of the delicate eyes. To recover completely without any complications, it is recommended to follow the dos and don'ts strictly and follow all the instructions of the doctor.

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