5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Strain

Considering our professional work culture we do spend many hours of the day gazing at the computer or the laptop screens, now a question arises how to protect eyes from computers and laptops? On average we spend over seven hours on the computers every day and this is the reason why many of us suffer from eye strain which is the discomfort felt after spending long hours within a close or mid-range distance of a computer or a laptop screen. However, eye strains from computers are quite common these days and in this digital era we have to find new ways to prevent strain on the eye, and some of the prevention methods can be -

  • Taking breaks at work which can be done by following the 20/20/20 rule. As per this rule, you have to take breaks every 20 minutes, like starting with a 20 second and look at an object placed 20 feet away.
  • Make sure that the working room has sufficient light but the light shouldn't be too bright while you are working on a computer.
  • Go for regular eye checkups or exams in order to ensure that your eye strain is nothing more than a normal strain in the eyes.
  • Minimise the glare reflected on the computer screens simply by adjusting the lighting of the monitor accordingly or use an anti-glare screen on the computers.
  • A minimum distance should be maintained between the eyes and the computer screen and the recommended viewing distance should be maintained at 20-28 inches.
Computer eye strain

According to the best eye specialists in Dankuni, computer eye strain is basically a vision syndrome which is also referred to as digital eye strain and can be related to eye problems resulting from prolonged use of a computer or a laptop. Eye strain from staring at the computer screens can be experienced by individuals spending long hours in front of it. The strain on the eyes is totally dependent on the time spent gazing at the computer screens or monitors. The strain on the eyes is basically caused by viewing or gazing at a computer screen by forcing our eyes to work harder than normal viewing requirements.

For viewing the screens for longer hours it might make individuals susceptible to the development of vision-related issues at a very early age. If an individual is experiencing discomfort while looking at any object for a long time then it can be a sign of eye strain. However, eye strain may not be that serious or a complicated issue regarding eyes but it is advised to consult an eye expert if the strain persists for a long time and causing trouble in viewing things. There can be cases where the symptoms of eye strain can be a sign of any other form of underlying eye condition that requires immediate treatment.

What are the symptoms of computer eye strain?

As depicted by the eye specialists, some of the most common symptoms associated with eye strain are blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, irritation in eyes, red eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. These symptoms are quite common with adults, however, in the case of children, it might differ which is why it is important to know how to protect eyes from computer screen during online class especially during this COVID-19 when students are spending the maximum amount of their time gazing the monitors to attend the online classes. A few simple changes can help in dealing with eye strain; otherwise, it might hamper your work performance as well. To prevent eye strain it is important to change the light settings of the computers or even limit screen light by pasting anti-glare films on the screens.

How to protect your eyes from computer screen?

In order to protect your eyesight on the computer screen, it is important to follow some important rules such as -

  • The 20/20/20 rule
  • Our eyes are not designed to view computer screens for a longer time and the eyes are only capable of viewing in normal light but our professional space does allow for that. Following the 20/20/20 rule, one should give their eyes the needed break by dividing screen exposure like if you look at the screen for 20 minutes at a stretch then it is important to view an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

  • Properly lit room
  • You have to ensure that your workspace or the room should be well lit but should have less than the amount of light required. Rooms should not be too bright and the curtains should be closed in order to reduce the fluorescent lighting.

  • Go for regular eye check-ups or eye exams
  • Having a regular eye check-up done on time can help in maintaining the health of the eyes. Consulting eye specialists on a regular basis will also help in knowing about the proper habits needed to follow to maintain eye health.

  • Blink blink blink; always blink eyes at short intervals
  • Blinking eyes while using computers or mobile phones helps keep our eyes moist and even helps in refocusing on the screen as well. It should be done quite often to avoid eye strain and dryness.

Take advice from the eye specialists

To protect your eyes from eye strain it is important to follow the devices of the eye specialists. According to the eye specialists of the best eye clinic in Howrah, it is important that you adjust the brightness of the computer or mobile screen. Using a mobile device is best suggested as it comes integrated with an ambient light sensor which adjusts the screen brightness according to the surrounding light sources. This causes less strain on the eyes and the night mode feature of the mobile device helps further in reducing the blue light emitted from the screen.

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