Colour blindness treatment in Howrah

Color blindness is found in many people but is not a form of blindness where the person is not able to view colors at all. At present, there is no effective treatment for color blindness but can be treated at the best eye clinics by opting for color blindness treatment in Howrah. Colorblindness is actually an inherited condition where a person has difficulty distinguishing between certain colors like blue and yellow or even red and green as well. It is estimated that over 8% of males and 1% of females are color blind and have vision problems.

What are the symptoms of colour blindness?

As depicted by the best eye specialist in Dankuni, some of the signs and symptoms of colorblindness might include -

  • Difficulty in distinguishing different colors such as blue, yellow, red, and orange
  • A color-blind person may only able to view the shades of gray
  • While viewing many colors some of them might appear washed or the person might even get confused between colors
  • The person may have trouble seeing colors in the brightness of other colors
  • The person might have the inability to tell the difference between the shades of the same color However, it is highly suggested to visit an optician if there is difficulty in viewing colors and there is a sudden or gradual loss of color vision.
What causes colour blindness?

There can be various reasons working behind color blindness as it occurs when the light-sensitive cells in the retina fail to respond quickly according to the variations of the wavelengths of light which help people view an array of colors. Colour blindness treatment in Dankuni offered at the eye clinics can only help in overcoming the condition. Photoreceptors such as the rods and cone cells present in the retina help in perceiving colors. There are over 6 to 7 million cone cells in the retina which is responsible for viewing colors and the highest concentration of the cone cells in the retina is the primary reason for viewing colors. The absence of these cone cells in the retina leads to colorblindness in the person or can be inherited genetically as well.

How is it diagnosed?

Patients arriving at the eye clinics for the color blindness treatment in Dankuni are diagnosed simply by performing tests to know if they have a color deficiency in their eyes. After a proper checkup, the patient will be passed through a thorough series of eye exams that are done by showing them different designed pictures made of colored dots. The color dots have different shapes or pictures hidden inside them and the patient has to recognize those hidden pictures or shapes. If they are not able to depict what shapes or pictures are hidden inside the colored dots then colorblindness is confirmed in the patients.

Colour blindness treatment in Dankuni

As suggested by the best eye surgeon in Dankuni, to date there is no known treatment or cure for colorblindness. However, there are certain types of contact lenses and glasses with filters are available which might help with color deficiencies if needed by the patient. The good thing is that most of the color blind person appears normal in all other aspects but certain adaptation methods are required for those having difficulty in distinguishing colors.

Lenses for colour blindness

Different types of lenses are available in the market for color vision deficiency treatment in Dankuni which can further enhance the color perception and there are even filters available in form of contact lenses or eyeglass lenses. The ophthalmologists prescribe tinted lenses for the colorblind person and the lenses come with light filtering technology which provides the ability to see the broad spectrum of bright colors.

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