5 Benefits of Using Cucumber for Healthy Eyes

According to health experts and beauticians, cucumber for eyes benefits and can be used by people of all ages especially the elderly people having under eye wrinkles. Cucumbers are best suggested for puffy skin and under-eye dark circles and your skin feels better after every use. Some of the important benefits of cucumbers to get healthy eyes are -

  • Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals
  • It is very true to the fact that cucumbers are full of vitamins and minerals and having a cucumber daily is enough to suffice your body's daily need for vitamins and minerals. Cucumbers are high in Thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium.

  • Prevents under eyes dark circles
  • By putting cucumbers under your eyes for 5-10 minutes daily can help in lightening the under eye dark circles. Regular use of cucumbers under the eyes soothes the eyes as well.

  • Works as a natural moisturizer
  • For being high on water cucumbers have a moisturizing effect. Cucumbers are 95% water and help in soothing irritations of the skin under the eyes.

  • Prevents under-eye skin puffiness
  • Regular use of cucumbers on puffy under-eye skin helps in lowering water retention and it works by suppressing puffiness of the under-eye skin.

  • Prevents under eye wrinkles
  • Under-eye wrinkles are best treated by placing fresh and cool cucumbers on the eyes. The phytochemical present in cucumbers tightens skin collagen and firms up the outer layer of the skin.

Apply cucumbers regularly to get the above-mentioned benefits and cucumbers are even considered the perfect fruit to be used for beauty treatments.

How cucumbers help improving under eye skin?

There is no doubt to the fact that cucumbers can improve the texture of under-eye skin particularly if you have under-eye dark circles or puffy skin. Placing cucumber slices on the under-eye skin for several minutes do work wonders and treat the dark circles and puffiness of under-eye skin. Placing chilled cucumber slices on the under eye skin for 10-15 minutes is best suggested by the experts to remove dark circles naturally and works in terms of de-puffing the under eye skin as well. After keeping the slices for a specific time you have to turn them over and again place them over the skin. Doing it regularly for several days will help in making your skin look brighter and feel soft.

How to use cucumber on eyes?

After knowing the benefits of cucumbers a question might arise, how to use cucumber for eyes? In order to prep cucumber for placing it on the eyes, you need to thin slice cucumbers that are half an inch thick and make sure that the slices are not too thin. As a beauty remedy, it is best suggested to place chilled cucumber slices on the eyes and you have to start the procedure with clean and dry skin. Lay still for 10-15 minutes while the slices are placed on the eyes. It is best to place the cucumbers on the eyes in a reclining position and simply relax and let natural acids into the skin. Once the juices of the slices are soaked by your skin flip them and wait for further several minutes and repeat the entire process once again.

How long should you keep cucumber on eyes?

Normally it is best to place or keep chilled cucumber slices on the eyes for about 10-15 minutes in a reclining position. According to the experts, it is best to place one cucumber slice on each eye and only relax while the natural acids do their job and are soaked by your skin, after soaking the natural acids never forget to flip the slices to enjoy the cooling sensation once over again.

Can you sleep after putting on cucumber on eyes?

Yes, you can sleep after putting cucumber slices on your eyes but it should only be a short nap. Many people might try to sleep by putting the slices on the eyes but it not help you for longer as the juices present cucumber will be soaked by your skin within 10-15 minutes of placing them on your skin. According to experts, it is best not to place cucumber on eyes overnight as the mild acids in cucumbers might cause eye irritations if somehow it leaks into your eye while you are asleep.

What should you do after putting on cucumber on eyes?

After placing the cucumber slices on the eye, let the juices soak by the skin and even experts suggested using cucumber juice for eyes in the long run as well. After taking the number of slices you need for your eye you can save the rest of the fruit for use later or even can eat it as well. However, it is best to place the slices on the eyelids until they have lost their chilled or cooling effect. Putting cucumbers on the eyes can help in reducing dark circles and even diminishes the puffy under-eye skin as well. With its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, cucumber is the only natural remedy used for the treatment of skin ailments.

How can cucumbers help you restoring healthy eye and vision?

As suggested earlier cucumber for eyes dark circles is the only natural and homemade remedy which will give your skin a smooth texture. The natural juices present in cucumber have a cooling effect on the eyes and gives your skin a refreshed look and feel. For being rich in vitamin C and folic acid using cucumbers for your skin stimulates new cell growth and antioxidants help your skin fight the pollutants which can them appear dark and puffy. For being high in water content cucumbers even help in moisturizing the skin under the eyes, thus helping in restoring healthy eyes and vision at the same time.

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