Accommodative esotropia treatment in Howrah

Accommodative esotropia generally is a cross-eye syndrome that is caused by farsightedness and is a form of strabismus which is the misalignment of the eyes. When it comes to Accommodative esotropia treatment in Howrah, it involves the prescription of vision correcting eyeglasses and contact lenses in order to correct the refractive error in the eye of the patients. It is basically found in children belonging to the age group of 4 months to 6 years of age. As a result of this condition a child who is already farsighted can witness a reflex crossing of the eyes which is why the condition is termed as "accommodative esotropia".

What are the symptoms?

When talking about accommodative esotropia symptoms, there can be a noticeable crossing of the eyes witnessed which is also referred to as the primary symptom as well. This crossing of the eyes can be quite evident when the child keeps trying to view a near object or when they feel tired. It is also found that some children even complained of having double vision and is also seen rubbing the eyes every now and then. Accommodative esotropia can also be witnessed if the child has a problem in looking at objects that are near or even at the objects that are far away as well.

Diagnosis and treatment of accommodative esotropia in Dankuni

In terms of diagnosis and treatment of accommodative esotropia, the ophthalmologists are known to perform some necessary eye tests in order to confirm the condition in the patient. The diagnosis process includes the examination of eyes with dilating eye drops which helps in determining the degree of farsightedness. When it comes to accommodative esotropia treatment in Dankuni, many times it is found that eyeglasses do the job at correcting the condition. However, in terms of looking for near objects crossing of eyes may still persist even after using glasses, and here bifocal lenses are prescribed to help the patient have straight eyes at all viewing spaces.

Is surgery necessary for correcting vision?

According to the best eye specialist in Dankuni, if after using the farsighted glasses crossing of eyes are controlled then there is no requirement for any surgery. However, in several cases, it was found that cross-eye was corrected partially in children wearing glasses. But there have been cases where even after using the glasses eye-crossing was not evenly corrected, and here eye muscle surgery is recommended which can help in establishing the best ocular alignment of both the eyes.

What is the importance of good ocular alignment in children?

Apart from providing the best chances of improvement in the facial appearance of the child when misaligned eyes are corrected, there are several other functional benefits of ocular alignment in children to be considered. As suggested by the best eye surgeon in Dankuni, children suffering from ocular misalignment in their childhood are not able to develop a visual system with binocular vision. Having binocular vision helps the person maintain good ocular alignment throughout their life which is why ocular alignment becomes necessary for children.

Why should you choose Drishtideep eye hospital in Dankuni?

In order to receive the best accommodative esotropia treatment, it is suggested to choose the best eye hospital in Howrah for receiving the best treatment required. Dristideep Eyecare Institute specializes in eye correction surgery and treatment which is carried out with a team of highly skilled surgeons holding several years of experience. Different surgical methods are performed by the skilled and experienced eye surgeons for complete recovery from accommodative esotropia. Our eyes are the most sensitive organs in the body which is why it is necessary to opt for the best eye clinic for the treatment process.

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