Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

Crossed eyes, also known as Strabismus usually occurs in a person when their eyes are not aligned the way it should be naturally. A person suffering from crossed eyes is not able to align both the eyes on the same point of view and appears to be misaligned and pointed in two different directions. This condition actually happens due to weakness of the eye muscles in both or a single eye and can be easily treated by opting for crossed eyes treatment in Dankuni as well.

Reason behind crossed eyes

As suggested by the ophthalmologists there can be several reasons working as a cause of crossed eyes and it is also found that it can be caused by farsightedness which was left untreated. The eye experts also suggest that any significant head trauma can also be the reason to cause strabismus as it affects the portion of the brain which controls the movement of eye muscles. As per studies, it was found that there are chances of happening crossed eye in children and teenagers across the world.

Symptoms of crossed eyes

Symptoms of crossed eyes

  • Both eyes are not able to move in the same direction together.
  • Points of reflection in each eye appear to be unsymmetrical.
  • Head tilts on either side while viewing any object.
  • Eyes are incapable of measuring the depth.
  • Only one eye squints at a time.

However, as a primary sign, strabismus occurs as misalignment of both the eyes with one eye turning in, up, down, or even inwards.

Treatment procedures for crossed eyes

To fix cross eyes in patients and to improve the vision, the muscles which have weakened in the affected eye need to be put to work. Depending on the cause of crossed eyes the treatment procedure include -

  • Use of eyeglasses or contact lenses is prescribed by the experts for those who have crossed eyes as a result of uncorrected farsightedness.
  • Use of eye drops which is used to temporarily obscure the vision of the strong eye.
  • Surgery of the affected eye to realign the weakened muscles in the eye.
  • Patching of the stronger eye is suggested in order to improve the vision in the weaker eye.

If detected in the early stage strabismus or crossed can be treated or corrected with good results.

Crossed eye surgical treatment in Dankuni

The ophthalmologist suggests a surgical treatment process for the correction of crossed eyes for the patients visiting the best eye hospital in Howrah. However, the success of the surgery might depend on several factors which even depend on the direction of the eyes turning. The surgical treatment process is best in terms of aligning the eyes of adults with longstanding strabismus history. If the earlier stages of strabismus are treated surgically then it is likely that the affected eye will develop normal vision in very little time and both eyes would function properly as they should.

Crossed eye non-surgical treatment in Dankuni

In some cases, to fix cross-eyes, like the intermittent or small-angle strabismus the non-alignment in the eyes can be easily fixed with the help of non-surgical treatment taking the help of vision therapy. Some strabismus occurs intermittently in which the eyes align properly while viewing a distant object and even for maintaining vision when looking at a close object such as reading a book. The non-surgical treatment of strabismus is the most effective and non-invasive treatment process as well. Using vision therapy the brain is trained to control the eye muscles the proper way.

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