Preoperative Counselling of the Cataract Patient

The preoperative counselling of the cataract patients is typically carried out by discussing the clinical and medical requirements just before performing cataract surgery. The cataract surgery counselling basically only covers some of the technical aspects of the surgery and is done by an experienced counsellor only. During the counselling process, the patients are needed to discuss what they have experienced before, during, and even after performing the surgical procedure. The counselling process is even important in terms of knowing more about the anatomy of the patients and to help them take decisions regarding their cataract treatment. During the counselling procedure, the ophthalmologists do provide guidance and expert advice in terms of the risks and benefits associated with the surgical process.

Preoperative care

Preoperative care of cataract patients becomes very necessary as the patient should be aware of the duration and frequency of the preoperative visits to the eye clinics. Preoperative care is also necessary to track the visual recovery symptoms and it also helps the eye specialists to administer post-operative eye drops. In the preoperative care process, the patients get the opportunity to clarify all their queries with the eye surgeons without having any doubts associated with the condition of their eyes. In preoperative care patients are suggested not to eat anything after midnight or in the morning of the cataract surgery.

Surgical process

The cataract surgery is performed by the best eye surgeon in Dankuni, Howrah and in the surgical procedure; the cloudy lens inside the eye of the patient is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. It is also known as the intraocular lens or IOL which is responsible for restoring normal vision in the affected eyes. The entire surgical procedure is performed on the condition of the eyes of the patients and there is no need for the patient to stay overnight at the clinic or hospital as well. However, the latest cataract operations procedure involves the use of high-frequency ultrasound that helps in breaking up the cloudy lens into smaller segments in order to remove them gently using a suction device.

IOL options

Before the cataract operation at the best eye hospital in Howrah, the surgeon will review the intraocular lens or IOL replacement options best suited for the patient. The lens comes under the category of monofocal lenses and multifocal lenses. With the use of monofocal lenses, the vision of the patient is basically adjusted at only a single distance which can be near or far. On the other hand with the multifocal lenses, the vision of the patient can be adjusted to help the patients see more clearly in terms of near, far, and intermediate distances. The use of both lenses does provide varied results when used in both eyes of the patients.


During the preoperative management of cataract and the counseling session of cataract in patients, doctors warn about certain complications that are highly acceptable. Post cataract surgery some of the patients might incur an infection in the eye and might feel highly sensitive to light as well. There can be inflammations or swellings after the surgery which can be taken care of by using eye drops. Retinal detachment is also associated with cataract surgery as the retina sits far back in the eyes and is responsible for sensing light and sending messages to the brain.

Postoperative care

Apart from the preoperative nursing care for eye surgery, postoperative care is highly essential after a cataract surgery. The patients are advised not to lift heavy objects or do any strenuous activities for a few weeks at a stretch. Post cataract operation the patients are advised not to bend over in order to prevent putting in extra pressure on the operated eyes. Patients should also take care while sneezing or vomiting and never walk outdoors after surgery. Outdoor movement is restricted or is advised by the doctors to prevent the patients from bumping into door or any other objects.

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