Pharmacy Facilities at Drishtideep

The pharmacy of Drishtideep Eye Institute is a specialized pharmacy shop that is integrated into the care of the eye clinic. The in-house pharmacy shop comes equipped with the best pharmacy store management in the eye hospital domain where eye care medicines are available of the best quality and are quite affordable for the convenience of the patients. The medicines available at the pharmacy are sourced from some of the well-known brands in India and are only sourced as per requirement by the best pharmacist in eye hospital only. The in-house pharmacy of Dristideep is managed by the best and experienced pharmacists.

Aims of our hospital pharmacy

The aim of the hospital pharmacy at Drishtideep is to manage and provide the required medications by the patients visiting the eye hospital. The main objective of the hospital pharmacy is to provide the prescribed medications by the best eye surgeon in Dankuni, Howrah. Apart from providing the prescribed medicines, the hospital pharmacy is also efficient at procuration, delivery, administration, and review of medications required to optimize the patient-centric services. The hospital pharmacy also ensures that the patients receive the correct dosage of medicines accordingly with time, information on different medicines, and documentation as per requirement.

Role of our pharmacist

The role of a pharmacist at the best eye hospital in Howrah include -

  • Devising specific medications as prescribed by the doctors for individual patients.
  • Provide the correct information and help patients understand their prescribed medications in terms of taking them.
  • Assist the physicians at the clinic and help them make drug-based decisions in an efficient manner.
  • Compounding different medications as prescribed for use in the eye hospital.
  • Helping in conducting all types of clinical tests required to uncover new or modified treatments for eye diseases
Why should you choose Drishtideep eye hospital in Dankuni, Howrah

The Drishtideep Eye Institute in Dankuni provides the patients with the highest standards of eye care with a host of patient-centric services. Apart from having the best eye specialists and surgeons, this eye care facility also has state-of-the-art operation theatres and a pharmacy shop that are fully equipped with the best of the latest technology for the practice of safe surgical process. Drishtideep strictly adheres to the International quality standards and believes in ethical practices of ophthalmology.

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