Lacrimal canaliculitis treatment in Howrah

Lacrimal Canaliculitis is an inflammation in the eyes caused by an infection caused by gram-positive bacteria. It is an uncommon infection that may be misidentified with other eye infections as it can mimic several other common ocular conditions as well. Lacrimal canaliculitis requires immediate lacrimal canaliculitis treatment in Hooghly for fast recovery. However, canaliculitis can be treated by using the incision-sparing techniques and also by applying warm compresses as suggested by the physician. The basic process of lacrimal canaliculitis treatment in Howrah includes the complete removal of concretions required for controlling the infection in the eyes and to maintain the natural tear drainage system of the eyes.

What are the risk factors?

As suggested by the best eye specialist in Hooghly, the risk factors of lacrimal canaliculitis include the obstruction of the canaliculus by any foreign body or bacteria promoting bacterial growth responsible for causing this condition. However, in several cases, there are no identifiable risk factors for lacrimal canaliculitis. The infected patients may be asked for any punctal plug that had been placed or inserted in the eyelid in the past, and if the punctal plug has any form of obstruction of the canaliculi leading to focal fibrosis.

What are the symptoms?

As observed in many patients the lacrimal canaliculitis symptoms may include -

  • Chronic and unilateral red eye
  • Epiphora and discharge leaking out of the nasal part
  • Excessive tearing from the eyes
  • Mild tender feeling over the infected region
  • Turbid secretions leaking with the application of pressure over the lacrimal sac and the canaliculus

Diagnosis is performed by the eye specialist that is only based on the symptoms as found in the patients.

How can you diagnose lacrimal canaliculitis?

For lacrimal canaliculitis treatment in Howrah, the diagnosis process is very simple, as a mild pressure is applied over the punctum or the canaliculus which leads to the purulent discharge of pus confirming and completing the entire diagnosis process. In the diagnosis process, lacrimal probing is also carried out which helps in indicating the concretions within the tear drainage system on the eyes. Different clinical examination is even carried out in cases of canaliculitis which may include slit lamp examination of the upper and lower puncta, medial canthal area, and lacrimal syringing as well.

What is the treatment procedure of lacrimal canaliculitisin Howrah?

The treatment procedure is carried out by the best eye surgeon in Hooghly and is done by the application of -

  • Application of warm compresses.
  • Administering antibiotics
  • Surgery or punctoplasty is performed in some cases in order to remove concretions or foreign bodies
  • Irrigation of the canaliculus with antibiotic solutions

For the surgical treatment procedure, a local anesthetic is administered by the surgeons. Even penicillin is used for the irrigation of the canaliculi and topical drops are administered after the surgical procedure.

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