Eye specialist in Howrah Dankuni

Best Eye Care Facilities in Dankuni, Howrah

Located in the outskirts of the state of West Bengal on the Durgapur Expressway Drishtideep Eye Institute has the best eye specialist in Howrah Dankuni. The location of the eye institute is the meeting point of Howrah and Hooghly district of the state of West Bengal. Drishtideep is known to provide comprehensive and state of the art eye care facilities to patients of all profiles.

The eye care facility is totally committed to providing the highest quality eye care and is even accredited with NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) best known to match the high standards of quality care. Drishtideep Eye Institute in Dankuni is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and the latest technologies which is a segment first.

Optical Shop in Dankuni, Howrah

Drishtideep Eye Institute has an in-house optical shop that is particularly built to provide the patients with the best quality products needed for providing professional eyecare. Being the best eye hospital in Howrah Drishtideep has the perfect combination of expertise and a diverse product portfolio for all kinds of spectacles (branded and non-branded) meeting all the optical requirements of patients. The optical shop at the eyecare facility provides you glasses at the best affordable prices.

All the glasses available at the shop are made to last and within budget and made for all profiles of patients. You can find different stylish frames at the optical shop that are the perfect combination for young and old styling. Personnel present at the shop are highly trained to help you choose and find the correct glasses and lenses (bifocal and single field of vision) as prescribed by the doctor.

Pharmacy in Dankuni, Howrah

Drishtideep Eye Institute has an in-house pharmacy built for the convenience of the patients where all kinds of eye care medicines and disposable items of the best quality are available at affordable prices. Medicines prescribed by the best eye surgeon in Dankuni, Howrah are sourced from some of the well-known medicine manufacturers in India and are even imported from abroad as per requirement. The medicine shop is highly equipped for storing all the medicines as per the recommended conditions of every medicine. The pharmacy is managed by a skilled and experienced team of pharmacists and is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm at the eyecare facility on all working days.

Patient Counselling in Dankuni, Howrah

Drishtideep Eye Institute provides the best in class eye care facilities and ensures that all the patients go through the counseling sessions after visiting the eyecare facility. The patient counseling house was set up on finding that some of the patients have questions regarding their prescriptions or illnesses and don't have any idea on how to deal with it. The patient counsel's or the counselor is selected with a good medical background with adequate knowledge, experience, and does possess verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The counseling sessions are conducted by the best eye specialist in Hooghly by -

  • Closely monitoring the patient's recovery progress as per the requirement of prescribed outcomes.
  • Collecting feedback from patients on a regular basis to help prevent any drug-related health issue.
  • Informing patients about the use of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs.
  • Monitoring each patient's treatment response or development of side effects if any.

Apart from the above conducting counseling sessions for each patient is very important and is always done by trained professionals only.

Ambulance Facilities in Dankuni, Howrah

At Drishtideep Eye Institute ambulance service is always on standby along with the best eye specialist doctor in Howrah and is available 24/7 for patients with any kind of emergencies. The ambulance staff is highly skilled and experienced with an advanced set of wheels that is very much capable of providing immediate life-saving care to the patients with a sanitized working environment.

The ambulance of Drishtideep Eye Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art eye treatment facilities needed to respond quickly in order to cater to any medical emergencies with the patients and transport them to our treatment center and also to any other eye care facility that lays within their vicinity.

Why should you chooseDrishtideep eye hospital in Howrah?

Drishtideep Eyecare Institute is the best eye clinic in Howrah serving the patients according to industry standards and also known for providing comprehensive and state of the art eye care treatment as per the requirement of patients. Patients visit Drishtideep for eye exams and treatment from Howrah and Hooghly and even from the adjoining areas across West Bengal. Drishtideep Eye Institute is designed with patient-centric services and has the best eye specialists who can deliver outstanding eye care treatments using best-in-class technology and surgical processes.

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