Basal cell carcinoma treatment in Howrah

Basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer that starts developing in the basal cells and requires immediate treatment for Basal cell carcinoma in Howrah. The basal cells are a type of cell that is located within the skin and is responsible for producing new skin cells in order to replace the old ones. It is found that basal cell carcinomas are mainly caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet ultra-violet radiation from sunlight and from direct exposure to sunlight. The only way to protect the skin from being effected from basal cell carcinoma is to avoid the sun's rays while being outdoors and use plenty of sunscreens as well.

Patients suffering from this type of cancer often complain about a slightly transparent bump on the skin. Basal cell carcinoma occurs mostly in the head and neck regions that are more exposed to the sun. In severe cases of basal cell carcinoma, general form of treatment may not work well for all patients and there is no other option apart from Basal cell carcinoma surgery in Hooghly.

What is basal cell carcinoma?

As explained by the best eye specialist in Hooghly, the basal skins cells that helps in the production of new skin cells if exposed to the sun make these cells become cancerous after a prolonged UV exposure. This type of skin cancer is typically observed as a white and waxy lump or has a scaly patch on sun-exposed areas, like the face and neck regions. Treatment of basal cell includes prescription of creams or surgery in the extreme case where it becomes necessary to remove the entire cancerous skin. However, in some cases of treatment for cancer only radiation therapy is required and is cured in very little time as well.

What are the symptoms of basal cell carcinoma treatment?

As explained earlier the basal cell carcinoma is usually found to develop on sun-exposed parts of the body like the hands, neck, and head. However, as observed in the patients visiting the eye hospital in Howrah for basal cell carcinoma treatment it is found to develop on certain parts of your body that are not protected from the sun. Some of the symptoms of basal cell carcinoma include -

  • White-colored skin or a pink bump appears on the skin which is translucent and you can easily see through the skin surface.
  • Brown or blue lesions with dark spots appear with a raised and translucent border on the skin.
  • Flat, scaly, reddish patches on the skin along with a raised edge which is quite common in the back or chest region of the body.

What causes basal cell carcinoma?

Basal skin cell carcinoma is often caused in the skin's basal cells that usually develop with the mutation of the DNA material. As described by an eye surgeon in Hooghly, the basal cells are usually found at the bottom of the epidermis layer of the skin also known as the outermost layer of skin. These basal cells are mainly responsible for the production of new skin cells. Once the new skin cells are being produced in the epidermis of the skin, they tend to push older skin cells outwards to the skin's surface, where the old cells eventually die they are cleared off from the body the natural way. The mutation of the DNA of these cells helps in multiplying rapidly in order to continue growing and become cancerous. After the accumulation of the dying cells, it may form a cancerous lump or tumor on the skin surface.

How basal cell carcinoma can be treated?

If detected at its early stages, most of the basal cell carcinomas can be easily treated and cured. However, there is a certain and rare form of carcinomas that may need prompt treatment. The patients visiting the eye hospital in Hooghly undergoes curettage and electrodesiccation which is basically a common treatment process best applied for carcinomas in small basal skin cells. This treatment process might need to be repeated until all of cancer has been totally removed from the skin. During this treatment process, a small excision of the tumor is cut out in order to remove the basal cell carcinomas from the margin of the epidermis.

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