Amblyopia surgery in Howrah

Amblyopia, also known as the lazy eye may require an amblyopia surgery in Howrah in order to treat strabismus. However, before going for any surgical procedure the optometrist will first try with less invasive treatments as it can only be treated when the patient is a child or younger in age. The faster it is detected, the faster the treatment procedure could be started for the better. It is observed that after the age of 6 the success rate of treatment of amblyopia decreases further. Apart from a surgical procedure, there is several other forms of treatments available such as glasses and eye patches which is mostly advised at first for treating amblyopia or lazy eye.

What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia is basically a type of poor vision that happens in any of the eyes of the patient. In patients visiting the eye hospital in Hooghly is observed that amblyopia develops when there is a breakdown in the link between the brain and the eye and their coordination. In patients suffering from amblyopia, it is usually found that the brain is not able to recognize the sight using only 1 eye. As time passes, the brain relies more and more on the stronger eye having good vision. But on the other hand, vision in the affected eye gets worse by each passing day.

The disease is also known as a lazy eye because the stronger eye works better. However, people with amblyopia cannot be called as lazy, but the real thing is that they are not able to control their eyes the natural way. It is found that amblyopia starts in childhood, and is the most common cause of vision loss in kids affecting 3 out of 100 children.

What are the symptoms of Amblyopia surgery?

According to the best eye specialist in Hooghly Amblyopia starts showing its sign in early childhood and is mostly found between the ages of 6 and 9. However, proper identification and treatment procedure will only give the best chances of fully correcting the condition. Some of the common symptoms of amblyopia include -

  • Trouble in distinguishing between near and far sight
  • Shutting or squinting of any of the eyes
  • Heads get tilted unnaturally

According to an eye surgeon in Hooghly, in several cases, it is found that amblyopia is not even noticed by the parents until the eye specialist diagnoses it during an eye exam. That is the reason why it is quite important for all kids to get a vision screening test done once between the ages of 3 and 5.

What causes amblyopia?

In patients visiting the eye hospital in Howrah with amblyopia doctors at first don't get any idea on the cause of it. In normal cases, if the vision in one gets worse, the brain may try to work the other possible way. This way the brain starts to switch off signals received from the weaker eye and only relies on the stronger eye. Some eye conditions that can be defined as the causes are -

  • Refractive errors
  • These include common vision problems like nearsightedness or having trouble seeing far away which may even cause a blurry vision. However, it can be fixed with glasses or contact lenses.

  • Strabismus
  • Naturally, eyes move together as a pair in either direction. But in kids with strabismus, the eyes don't line up the natural way. In such cases, one of the eyes might move in different directions.

  • Cataract
  • It causes cloudiness in the lens of the eye leading to blurred vision. However, cataracts are only found in older patients, but infants and children can even develop cataracts as well.

How amblyopia can be treated?

Amblyopia patients visiting the eye clinic in Howrah need proper treatment that may include patching of the eyes with visually stimulating activities and the use of special glasses or contact lenses as well. While wearing the eye patches the eyes are being covered with a stick-on eye patch (same as wearing a Band-Aid), now the brain has to use the weaker eye. This way patches are used for the treatment of amblyopia in children.

Another treatment procedure includes the use of atropine eye drops that are administered once-a-day, but the drop may temporarily blur the near vision forcing the brain to use the other eye. For some children's this form of treatment works well along with the eye patches and ergonomically is also easier to use as well.

Why should you choose Drishtideep eye doctors?

One of the best reasons to choose the eye surgeons of Drishtideep for the treatment of amblyopia is that they are highly skilled and are best for amblyopia surgery in Hooghly. Amblyopia surgeries performed at Drishtideep are offered with distinctive medical services in the eye care domain. Drishtideep Eye Institute is best known for patient-centric services especially for the little ones who need love, tender, and care in terms of treatment of their eye diseases. The eye treatment facilities at Drishtideep are best acknowledged for delivering competent amblyopia surgery with the use of an array of advanced technology, surgical processes, and efficient infrastructure.

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