Canaliculitis eye disease treatment in Howrah

Canaliculitis is an eye disease caused in the tubes in the eyes that connects the eyes directly to the lacrimal sac. According to the best eye specialist in Hooghly, the canaliculitis eye disease is caused by a bacterium named as Actinomyces israelii.

The bacterium causing canaliculitis is a gram-positive bacterium having fine branching filaments. As observed in patients visiting eye clinics for canaliculitis treatment in Howrah, it is a common cause of canaliculitis. Basically, Canaliculitis is an infection of the lacrimal canaliculus and it is generally observed and occurs in persons above the age of 40 years.

What are the symptoms and the risk factors?

Patients visiting the eye clinics for canaliculitis treatment in Hooghly come with varied symptoms and risk factors. In terms of symptoms and signs of canaliculitis, there can be tearing in the eyes, discharge from the eyes, red eyes, and even mild tenderness is found as well.

According to the eye surgeon in Hooghly, the risk factors involved for canaliculitis can be an obstruction in the canaliculus and the presence of any foreign body in the canaliculus such as a punctual plug or dacryolith. The risk factors involved can easily promote bacterial growth in the eye and escalate the condition further.

How can you diagnose the eye disease?

The diagnosis of canaliculitis is best done at the eye hospital in Howrah. At the clinics the diagnosis is completed on the basis of signs and symptoms, spreading of turbid secretions along with pressure over the lacrimal sac and canaliculus. During the diagnosis process, a sensation is felt which is caused by the necrotic material used during the examination process of the lacrimal system. Proper examination of the Lacrimal areas leads to other diagnostic signs such as a grainy sensation which is felt while examining the canaliculus, and it indicates an obstruction within the drainage system as well.

How canaliculitisis treated in eye clinic in Howrah?

Treatment of canaliculitis is carried out at the eye clinic in Howrah by -

  • Administering supportive measures like the application of warm compresses.
  • Administering antibiotics as per the requirement of the infection caused.
  • Prescribing surgical methods in order to remove any foreign bodies.

The entire treatment process of canaliculitis is carried out by an ophthalmologist by performing surgeries which are often done with the application of local anesthetics, and antibiotics are prescribed after surgeries. However, if the infection is severe then the antibiotics are administered through an IV.

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