Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Conjunctiva

Squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva is a form of cancer found on the white part of the eye and is usually found in older Caucasian or white-skinned patients particularly. According to an eye surgeon in Hooghly, it may appear as a white or yellow-pink protuberance on the eye surface in the front of the white part of the eye where it can be easily recognized.

It is the second most common malignant eyelid tumor found in patients visiting the eye hospital in Howrah, and it may represent around 5% of the total malignancies found in the palpebral area. There are chances where it may develop but may also appear from any preexisting lesions in the eyes such as actinic keratosis and squamous cell carcinoma in situ or Bowen's disease.

What are the symptoms?

Patients arriving at the eye care facilities for squamous cell carcinoma treatment in Howrah come with varied symptoms such as -

  • A red eye
  • Photophobia
  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Sensation of a foreign body in the eyes
  • Growth of tumors or ulcers in the eyes

However, according to the best eye specialist in Hooghly, patients may even notice a white or yellow-white tumor on the white surface of the eyes which often extends onto the corneal area. Usually, a firm, red nodule, or a flat sore with a scaly crust is noticed as well.

How can you diagnose the eye disease?

Diagnosis of squamous conjunctiva carcinoma is done in the patients visiting the eye clinic in Howrah by examining and confirming a squamous cell carcinoma in the white part, and the diagnosis is carried out by the doctor using a specially made tool to cut away some or the entire carcinogenic skin. During the diagnosis process, the doctor may also inquire about your health history and examine your skin in order to look for other signs of squamous cell carcinoma. After completion of the diagnosis process, this type of cancer is basically treated with the help of special chemotherapy and eye drops that are usually used up to a few weeks or up to one year.

How squamous cell carcinoma is treated in eye clinic in Howrah?

The squamous cell carcinoma treatment in Hooghly is carried out on the patients by prescribing cancer treatment such as by -

  • Performing for Mohs Surgery which is known to have the highest curable rate compared to all other treatments of squamous cell carcinomas.
  • Prescribing Curettage and Electrodesiccation. This is a very common type of treatment prescribed for the squamous cell carcinoma which is most effective in terms of low-risk tumors.
  • Prescribing cryosurgery
  • Prescribing laser Surgery
  • However, most of the cases of squamous cell carcinoma are usually cured when found at the early stages and are treated accordingly. Using the latest technology, today many treatment options are available and are easily performed at eye clinics itself.

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