Paediatric Vision Screening in Drishtideep

Pediatric vision screening or child vision screening in Howrah is a child's eye exam that is done by an eye specialist for proper evaluation of your child's eye health and vision. The vision screening consists of a brief examination of your child’s eyes especially performed by a pediatrician in order to complete the eye exam and check for any vision problems. The screening process is only done by optometrists and ophthalmologists who are highly skilled and have several years of experience along with advanced training and clinical tools needed to perform a thorough evaluation of the child's eyes and vision.

It is very true to the fact that vision contributes a large part to a child’s ability to see and learn more about the surroundings. This is the reason why it is very important for your child to have a comprehensive eye exam performed by a paediatriceye doctor in Hooghly on a timely basis. The pediatric vision screening are best done at the pediatric eye clinic specializing in vision screening of children which generally takes 30-60 minutes to complete the overall procedure.

Paediatric eye examination at best eye clinic in Howrah

The pediatric eye examinations are best performed at the pediatric eye clinic in Howrah where you can find optometrists specializing in eye screening of children. Moreover, regular eye exams are equally important for your child which can help in ensuring that your child's eyes are healthy or have any vision issues that could interfere with their daily life activities or performances at schools and may even potentially affect your child's safety as well.

A comprehensive eye screening test may include some of the following tests –

  • Testing for color vision
  • Testing for visual acuity
  • Testing for 3D vision
  • Testing for proper eye movements
  • Testing for eye pressure
  • Testing the refraction index
  • Testing for the overall health of the eyes

How do Drishtideep doctors examine children for Paediatric Vision Screening?

The doctors at Drishtideep carry out the pediatric vision screening in Hooghly by using a penlight, or even a simple flashlight and position it on the front surface of the eye which is to be assessed or examined. However, the test can only be accurate if the child cooperates and looks directly at the flashlight. During the examination procedure, the doctors confirm that the reflex is in the center of both pupils of the eyes.

The best thing about vision screening of the eyes is to identify eye problems efficiently and cost-effectively in children with visual impairments impacting their development and daily lives. The screening done by the pediatrician helps in determining if any referral to other Pediatric Ophthalmologist is required for your child or not. In infants or babies, the screening tests are conducted to look for any object assessed in the eyes. The whole procedure is done using an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope which helps in analyzing the red reflex in the eyes if there is a dulling found out of the reflection it can prove to be a potential issue.

Paediatric eye testing for infants

Babies or infants should be able to see same as adults in terms of focusing ability, color vision and depth perception by the age of 6 months. In order to assess whether your baby's eyes are developing normally, the best eye specialist in Hooghly may perform the following tests on the baby –

  • Following and fixating test
  • This test is performed to determine whether the infant's eyes are able to fixate on and follow on any particular object or light as it moves in different directions.

  • Pupil response tests
  • This test is performed in order to evaluate whether the infant’s eyes pupils opens and closes the natural way and properly in the presence or absence of light.

  • Tests for preferential vision
  • This test involves the use of different cards that are blank on one side and has stripes on the other side in order to attract the gaze directly to the stripes. Only this way the vision capabilities can be assessed properly without the use of any eye testing equipment.

Paediatric eye testing for preschool children

Pediatric eye testing equally important preschool children’s and it may be quite astonishing to learn that preschool-age children do need to know the alphabets in order to undergo pediatric eye exam in Hooghly, and is needed even when they are too young or too shy to verbalize as well. Common eye exams specifically for young children include:

  • Recognition of different LEA symbols
  • This test is conducted for young children and is quite similar to regular eye tests which are done using charts with letters printed on it, apart from the special symbols in these tests also include the picture of an apple, house, square, and circle.

  • Retinoscopy
  • This eye exam involves flashing a light into the eye in order to observe the reflection from the posterior part of the eye (retina). This test lets the doctors determine your child's eyeglass prescription or the power required.

  • Test with Random dot stereopsis
  • This eye exam involves the use of special patterns of dots and 3-D glasses in order to measure how well the child's eyes work together in a synchronous way.

Why should you choose Drishtideep?

In terms of providing the best pediatric eye care, Drishtideep is the renowned pediatric eye hospital in Howrah providing the latest eye care examination for infants or children in the state of West Bengal. The institute has some of the best Ophthalmologists who specialize in child eye care and can provide the best eye treatment, care, and support to children of all age groups. Apart from having the child specialists, the managerial staff at Drishtideep is well-trained for taking good care of each infant or child visiting the institute for an eye examination.

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