Cure Giant Retinal Tears at Drishtideep

Giant retinal tears (GRTs) are the full-thickness of circumferential tears of more than 90 degrees of the retina that are associated with vitreous detachment. They are related to ocular trauma with high myopia, aphakia, pseudophakia, genetic mutations involving collagen and young age. GRTs comprise 1.5% of all rhegmatogenous retinal detachments at the average age of 42 years. GRTs are more common in males (72% of all cases occur in males) than in females. A GRT that is more than 180 degree can be effectively treated with PPV coupled with encircling scleral buckle, 360 degree laser retinopexy and silicone oil tamponade with no incidence of retinal slippage. In this complex procedure, concurrent encircling and buckling of the primary intervention may contribute to higher chances of success. However, the management of GRTs poses a great challenge to physicians due to the high risks involved with post-operative complications and many other technical difficulties as well.

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