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Eye exams are equally important for maintaining proper vision in both eyes and the exams should conduct on a regular basis to avoid any serious eye disease or infections. Eye exam in Howrah conducted by the skilled optimists includes a series of tests which is done for the evaluation of your vision and to check for any eye diseases. For conducting the tests the doctors usually make use of certain common instruments like a bright light which is shone directly at your eyes. The doctors may even ask you to look through an array of lenses to conduct an eye examination.

The tests performed during an eye exam also helps in evaluating other aspects such as your eye health and the vision power. Conducted by the best eye specialist in Hooghly, eye exams are quite important and it can help in detecting any serious eye problem at the earliest stage. Detecting an eye problem at the earliest stage can help in fast treatment. By opting for regular eye exams with professional care the patients can adapt or correct their vision changes in order to take proper care of the eyes.

When you should have an eye exam?

There is no particular time to have an eye exam conducted; you can do it on your requirement or on a routine basis accordingly. However, the patients visiting the clinics for an eye exam in Hooghly arrive with several factors that can help you determine how frequently you need an eye exam. The factors that are important and needed to be considered before you go for an eye exam are age, health, and the risk of developing eye problems. According to some common guideline -

  • For children less than 3 years of age are often found with certain issues like lazy eye and crossed eyes which calls for an immediate eye exam.
  • For adolescents or school-aged children's you need to have your child's vision checked before he or she has crossed the age of 5-6 years.
  • For adults, in general, if you are healthy and have no vision problems have your eye checked every 5-10 years if you are in the 20s and 30s, every 2-4 years from 40-54 years of age, and every 1-3 years if you are 55-65 years of age.

How should you prepare for the eye exam?

Apart from the disease caused in the eyes, preparation for the eye may also depend on personal preference or on the nature of your eye problem. The eye surgeon in Hooghly suggests proper preparation before the eye exam which depends on -

  • The Ophthalmologists; providing full eye care such as suggesting the needed eye exam and prescribe corrective lenses in order to correct your vision.
  • The Optometrists; who may provide the same services provided by the ophthalmologists such as diagnosing the common eye disorders, and treating eye diseases using drugs or medicines. In case you have a complex issue your optometrist can refer you to an ophthalmologist.
  • The Opticians; who make prescriptions for making eyeglasses which include assembling, fitting, and selling the glasses. However, it is important to remember that opticians do not prescribe and examination for evaluating your eye health.

What are the expectations?

While you go for an eye exam at the eye hospital in Howrah you are expected to-

  • Be asked about your medical history, if you had any vision issue or you might be experiencing one recently.
  • Be checked for visual acuity which will be measured by the eye specialist in order to check if you need glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision.
  • Prescribe numbing drops for your eyes, and the pressure in your eyes will be measured. This is done to help your doctor properly examine the health of your eye.
  • Your eyes may be checked by the eye doctor after administering and waiting for the dilating eye drops to take effect. This process is done using different lights to properly evaluate the posterior and interior portion of your eyes.

What are the different types of eye exam?

Different types of eye exams are conducted at the eye hospital in Hooghly such as -

  • Visual acuity test; which is done to measures how clearly you can view your surroundings. During this test, the eye doctor may ask you to identify letters of the alphabets on a chart placed at a distance apart.
  • Refraction assessment test; here light waves are passed into your eyes and it bents as they pass through your cornea and the lens. If in case, the light rays are not able to focus perfectly on the back of your eye, then you might have a refractive error in your eyes.
  • Perimetry test; this test is conducted to check the full extent of your vision as if you are able to see to the sides without even moving your eyes in either direction. The visual field test is conducted to determine if you have any difficulty viewing in any areas of your entire field of vision.

When should you take eye glasses?

You may need to take glasses in case you need replacement of your old frame after your eye exam and glasses if they have broken or if you are having any major sizing issues regarding the glass frames. However, it is recommended to take or replace eyeglasses every one to three years depending on the condition of the older glasses or if the glasses are scratched to an extent. You need to take eyeglasses if your new prescription no longer matched with the current power or frames, but in case your prescription remains the same then you might possibly be able to reuse your older lenses as well.

Why should you choose Drishtideep?

Drishtideep Eye Institute is the best eye clinic in Howrah serving the best according to industry standards and also provides comprehensive and state of the art eye care facilities. Patients not only come for eye exams and treatment from Howrah and Hooghly but also from the adjoining areas across the state. This eye care facility is designed with patient-centric services & facilities that can deliver outstanding eye care treatments using an array of best-in-class technology, surgical processes, and managerial infrastructure.

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