Strabismus Surgery in Drishtideep

Strabismus can be caused due to a nerve injury in the eyes or any dysfunctions of the muscles that are responsible for controlling the eye movements. Patients visiting eye hospital in Howrah often come with symptoms like they are not able to look exactly the direction pointing their eyes. Some patients even come with crossed eyes which can be usually corrected with early treatment and there are several treatment options available to restore the natural eye alignment.

This condition can be observed both in children and adults and the treatment for both is done by prescribing glasses, botulinum toxin injections, or the combination of all. In cases of strabismus surgery in Hooghly involving recession and resection procedures, the eye surgeons usually detach the effected outside muscles of the eyes and then reattaches (resection) them farther back into the eyes in order to weaken the natural relative strength of the muscles.

Tests before the strabismus surgery

For proper preoperative Strabismus treatment in Howrah specialized examinations are conducted to assess the alignment of the eyes. This is done to determine which muscles contribute to the strabismus and which muscles needs alterations for improving the natural alignment of the eyes.

The tests are conducted by the best eye specialist in Hooghly which includes using prisms in order to determine or measure the degree of the strabismus. Other common test that are conducted includes blood tests, chest X-rays, and an EKG done the anesthesiologist to determine the safest method of administering anesthetics for the surgical procedures.

Process of strabismus surgery at Drishtideep

Drishtideep has some of the best eye surgeon in Hooghly conducting strabismus surgeries both for children and adults. For children, the surgery is done by administering general anesthesia but it is administered before surgery in order to alleviate their anxiety of being separated from their parents.

The delicate surgical procedure is conducted with special care and attention and the eye is not removed from the socket to perform the surgery. The surgeons gently open the eyelids with the help of a lid speculum. Then the surgeon makes a small opening through the conjunctiva which is the mucous membrane surface of the eye to get access to the eye muscles. The eye muscle is now weakened, strengthened, or moved as per requirements by making dissolved sutures.

Precautions to be taken after the strabismus surgery

After performing the strabismus surgery in Howrah the surgeons prescribe some important precautionary measures to be followed strictly like -

  • Administering eye drops regularly as prescribed.
  • The person should avoid or restrict outdoor activities for at least two weeks after the operation.
  • Proper care should be taken while shampooing or washing hair and should be done using mild shampoos only.
  • The eyes may sticky after the operation due to the discharge from the eyes which should be cleaned away with boiled water only.

How patients can be benefited from strabismus surgery

The strabismus surgery performed in the eye hospital in Hooghly is a common procedure and most of the patients often feel a huge improvement in the natural alignment of their eyes post-surgery. In fact, compared to children most of the adult patients get treated successfully with a rate of 80% satisfaction and recovery which can be achieved with one surgical procedure. Post-surgery serious complications being unreliable are very rare.

However, there are certain psychological and interpersonal benefits to adult patients undergoing strabismus surgery. The benefits from strabismus surgery in Howrah can be best highlighted by the findings of the majority of adults who would live a portion of their life by getting totally rid of the ocular misalignment in their eyes.

Why should you choose Drishtideep?

Drishtideep Eye Institute is the best eye clinic in Howrah providing strabismus surgical treatments both for children and adults belonging to different age groups. Drishtideep recommends undergoing strabismus surgical treatment once any misalignment is detected in the eyes in order to avoid any further damage to your delicate eyes. The most interesting fact about Drishtideep Eye Institute is that it has the best ophthalmologists, optometrists, and strabismus surgeons who can work in coordination in order to manage and treat the misalignment in your eyes in a very short span of time.

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