Amblyopia treatment in Drishtideep

What is amblyopia?
The best eye specialist in Hooghly has defined amblyopia as lazy eye syndrome, which is basically an early childhood eye condition where a child's eyesight does not develop as it should. The patient having or suffering from amblyopia does not have control over their eyes and virtually leads to lazy eyes. In order to restore the natural eye movement, the eyes have to be stimulated properly so that the nerve cells mature accordingly.

It is observed in children having poor eyesight compared to other children belonging to the same age group. It can even occur in children's having no other ocular (eye) problems and can have a serious and permanent effect on your child. Amblyopia surgery in Hooghly is best done at Drishtideep Eye Institute where the major causes of the disease are properly diagnosed first before providing the best treatment.

Causes of amblyopia

Patients visiting the eye hospital in Howrah come with different causes of amblyopia, and among them, one of the serious ones is having abnormal visual experience early in life. The nerve pathways between thin layers of (tissue) at the posterior portion of eye alter and the eye receives weaker visual signals. However, there are several other causes of amblyopia which should not be ignored such as -

  • Muscle imbalance
  • It is the most common cause of amblyopia or lazy eye where due to imbalance in the eye muscles the natural position of the eyes gets altered. The imbalance in muscle can even lead to the eye to cross in or turn out.

  • Difference in the sharpness of vision
  • There can be a significant difference between eye sights basically due to farsightedness or nearsightedness, and also due to the surface curve of the eye (astigmatism) resulting in lazy eye syndrome.

  • Deprivation in eye vision
  • A problem in vision with one eye such as the cloudy area in the lens (cataract) can also prohibit clear vision in the eyes. Deprivation amblyopia is often found in infants and it requires immediate and urgent treatment by the specialists in order to prevent permanent vision loss.

Symptoms of amblyopia

There are several symptoms of amblyopia and patients visiting the eye hospital in Hooghly often complain about not being able to focus properly with any one of their eyes. The eye with impaired vision will not be able to receive clear images, and the brain eventually starts ignoring the vision problem. However, there are several other symptoms of lazy eye that may include -

  • Blurry vision
  • Having double vision
  • Having poor perception depth
  • Both eyes do not work together
  • Eyes can turn either upwards, downwards, outwards, or even inwards

Diagnosis of amblyopia by best eye surgeons in Howrah

Early diagnosis of amblyopia at the eye clinic in Howrah is very essential and even can help in observing the seriousness of the condition. Children belonging to the age group of 3 and 5 years should have their eye examination done before starting school. If amblyopia cases can be successfully diagnosed then the subsequent treatment process can be started. However, if the optometrist detects a lazy eye in the child in the early stages then further tests can be conducted. The diagnosis process includes separate tests of eyes in order to determine whether there is any near or farsightedness and also determines if the child has an eye turn.

Treatment of amblyopia at best eye hospital in Howrah

The eye surgeon in Hooghly suggests that if amblyopia is diagnosed early then it can be treated in very less time. The treatment process includes patching, administering atropine eye drops, and optical penalization of the non-amblyopic eye. However, the child having near or farsightedness can be prescribed glasses and need to wear them all the time in order to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment process. There are certain cases where amblyopia is caused due to droopy eyelids which blocks vision in the weak eye, here the child needs surgical treatment to lift the eyelid.

Exercises after your vision is corrected

Eye exercises can be the best way of amblyopia treatment in Howrah and it can help in correcting the vision as well. The exercise process includes the patching of stronger eye and stimulates the weaker one with a range of vision strengthening activities such as dot-to-dot drawing, playing word games, and building lego accordingly with the age of the child. There are several other home-based exercises such as pencil push-ups which are done till strength is restored in the weaker eye. This exercise involves slowly moving a pencil towards the tip of the nose by focusing on one end of the pencil and should be continued with the movement until it becomes blurry.

Why should you choose Drishtideep?

Providing the best amblyopia treatment and amblyopia surgery in Howrah Drishtideep Eye Institute is the right place for your infant to be treated for amblyopia. This is one of the leading eye care service providers which have successfully integrated quality ophthalmologic and optometric technologies currently available in the medical industry with distinctive medical services. This eye care facility is designed with patient-centric services for infants or children and their facilities are best equipped to deliver outstanding eye care treatments using an array of best-in-class technology, surgical processes, and managerial infrastructure.

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