Eye cancer treatment at Drishtideep

An Eye cancer treatment is typically carried out by the best doctors who specializes in providing cancer care. In the treatment process of the eye having cancer you could opt for surgery as per the suggestion of the cancer specialist who will remove the cancerous part of the affected eye depending on the size and spread of the tumor. However, treatments for eye cancer is built to reduce the risk of spreading of the tumor in the eyes and also to maintain better health and vision of the patient at all terms.

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Basal cell carcinoma or BCC is the most common eye cancer in the world. It affects nearly eighty percent of the population across the globe and it is found in the head and neck region. According to reports, it is found that 20% of BCC affects the eyelids in the patients. However, it is found that BCC constitutes 90% of malignant eyelid tumors across the world.

  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma is cancer on the surface of the eye and is commonly found in older white-skinned patients. This form of cancer may appear as a white or yellow-pink nodule on the surface of the eyes or even in the exterior end of the eyes where it is clearly visible in some cases. Dristideep Eye Institute is one of the renowned clinics that provide the best cancer care and eye cancer treatment in Howrah.

  • Malignant Melanoma
  • Malignant Melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in the cells responsible for melanin production. The melanin pigment is found in the skin cells and is also found in the skin cells your eyes that can develop a malignant melanoma which is also known as ocular melanoma in medical terms. The condition can be best treated only by performing a melanoma eye cancer surgery in Howrah.

  • Sebaceous Cell Carcinoma
  • Sebaceous carcinoma in eyes is very rare but is highly malignant and can be a potentially lethal tumor of the skin. Sebaceous Cell Carcinoma is also commonly found in the eyelids of patients. The main reason or cause of this rare form of cancer is that the neoplasm coming out of the sebaceous glands, the Zeis glands of the eyelashes, and the eyebrow skin.

Eye cancer surgery options

The eye cancer surgery in Hooghly is performed by cancer specialists particularly performed for the removal of the cancerous tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue as well. The surgery is typically performed by an ophthalmologist specializing in cancer treatment and surgery.

Some of the common eye cancer surgery performed at the eye hospital in Howrah is -

  • Iridectomy
  • This surgical process involves the removal of a part of an iris of the eyes of patients having cancer.

  • Sclerouvectomy/end resection
  • This surgical process involves the removal of the choroidal tumor that has developed in the eye of the patient.

  • Iridocyclectomy
  • This surgical process involves the removal of a part of the iris and ciliary body of the eyes in patients.

  • Enucleation
  • This cancer treatment and this surgical process involve the removal of an entire eye that is found to be infected in the patient.

Eye radiation therapy at best eye hospital in Hooghly

Radiation therapy is done using high-energy x-rays for killing cancerous cells in the eyes. It is a common treatment performed at the eye clinic in Howrah to patients suffering from eye melanoma. It is usually recommended by surgeons as this treatment process or therapy can successfully save some of the lost vision in the eyes of the patients. During the treatment process, an external-beam of radiation is applied to the patient's eyes by using an X-ray machine from outside of the body. However, radiation therapy does come in with different types of side effects. So, it is important that you consult your ophthalmologist before opting for the treatment process. There is nothing to worry as the extent of the side effects are minimal and totally depends on the type and dose of radiation applied to the person's eyes where the tumor is located.

Eye laser therapy at best eye clinic in Howrah

Laser eye surgery is a medical procedure performed by the eye surgeon in Hooghly involves the use of laser rays to reshape the outer surface of the eye. This therapy is mostly suggested by the doctors for correcting short-sightedness or long-sightedness in patients. While performing this therapy the ophthalmologists make use of the heat from the laser to shrink a tumor to a smaller size. In other terms, it can also be called thermotherapy or transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT). This treatment procedure has very few side effects than any other surgical procedure or radiation therapy, and it can be combined or administered with radiation therapy as well.

Getting care for every eye cancer sign

Side effects can be associated with cancer treatments and eye cancer treatment does belong to the same category as well. However, apart from the treatment process helping in slowing, stopping, or totally eliminating the cancerous growth, an important part of cancer care also includes relieving a person's symptoms and side effects as well. In medical terms this approach is also defined as palliative or supportive care. According to this approach, patients with his or her physical, emotional, and social needs are entitled to receive the best treatment from the best eye cancer specialist in Hooghly.

Pick the best eye cancer treatment hospital in Howrah

To receive the best cancer treatment it is suggested to choose the best eye hospital in Hooghly for receiving the best eye cancer treatment. Dristideep Eye Institute specializes in eye cancer treatment with a team of oncologists holding several years of experience. Different surgical methods are performed by the skilled and experienced eye surgeons for complete recovery from eye cancer. As our eyes are the most sensitive organs in the body so it would be best to select an eye clinic accordingly.

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