Ocular and Eyelid Trauma Treatment in Drishtideep

Ocular and eyelid trauma treatment at Drishtideep is carried out by the best eye specialist in Hooghly. This treatment procedure is needed in case of any eye injury that can happen at any place and at any time of the day. According to research studies it is found that an estimated 50 percent of eye injuries take place during any sports activities or any recreational activity, and it is mostly common among children and teens compared to any other age group of people. Eyelid traumas are more common among children as they roam around the house and play with different household items such as knives, hooks, hangers, forks, or any kitchen gadget.

Eyelid trauma treatment in Howrah is best provided at the Drishtideep Eye Institute by some of the best trauma care specialists. According to the eye specialists, trauma to the eye can severely cause harm to the eyes and can even affect many different structures such as eyelids, bones surrounding the eyes, and even the eyeball itself. Trauma can be divided into three types like blunt trauma, sharp penetrating trauma, and chemical trauma. Blunt trauma is caused when a blunt object such as a ball hits the eye. A Sharp trauma is caused in case of penetration of a stick or any sharp object. Lastly, chemical trauma is caused when several chemical substances such as cleaning products gets accidentally splashed into your eyes or the surrounding areas.

What causes eye trauma?

Eye trauma can be the result of deep lacerations or bleeding inside the eyes which requires immediate medical attention and treatment to prevent permanent eye damage which may result in vision loss if not treated in time. In order to receive the best trauma care, it is suggested to visit the nearest eyelid trauma treatment in Hooghly. Here are some common causes of eye trauma -

  • Scratched eyes or corneal abrasion
  • A corneal abrasion is usually caused by scratching eyes or getting poked in the eye while rubbing eyes, in case of any foreign object such as dust or pollen gets into the eyes. A corneal abrasion is quite uncomfortable and can cause eye redness or light sensitivity. In case you have scratchy eyes, don't rub your eyes. It is advised to simply keep the eyes closed for a while or immediately visit your nearest eye care specialist.

  • Penetration of foreign objects
  • Any foreign object could easily penetrate your eyes, if in case your eyes are penetrated by metal objects or any other hard object it is advised you see an eye doctor of an eye hospital in Howrah. If medical treatment is not close by, you can even loosely tape paper cup or any eye shield over the eyes for protection, and then seek medical attention at the earliest. The eye doctor is the best person who should remove these foreign objects from the delicate eyes.

  • Chemicals penetrating the eyes
  • It is possible that accidentally chemicals may be sprayed into the eyes and it should be immediately cleaned using clean water only. Some chemicals may even cause a burn or stinging sensation in the eyes and cause injury to the eyes. Chemicals such as acid can cause considerable redness and burning sensation which can be washed with water as a precautionary measure but medical attention is the best attained. Some alkali chemicals penetrating the eyes are even more dangerous as you might not experience any immediate eye irritation. But if left untreated even after splashing alkalis into the eyes it may cause serious damage in the long run.

What are the symptoms of eye trauma?

According to the eye specialists of an eye hospital in Hooghly general symptoms of eye injury may include a blood clot in the eyeballs, iris and pupil appears abnormal, pain in the eyes, or even absence of any particular symptom as well. But these symptoms should not be overlooked and immediate medical attention is advised.

There several other types of eye trauma symptoms to not overlook and needs immediate eye trauma treatment in Howrah such as -

  • Sticking out of an eye.
  • Blood in the white part of eyes.
  • Eyelid cuts.
  • Restricted movement of any particular eye.
  • Pupil appears to be of different sizes.
  • Foreign object stuck deep inside the eyelids that may take a longer time to be removed.
  • Having trouble in viewing objects.
  • Severe pain in the eyes.

Diagnosis of eye trauma in Howrah

The diagnosis of eyelid trauma is done at any eye clinic in Howrah and is done using various types of medical equipment in order to properly evaluate the eye injuries. The common diagnosis of eye trauma is completed using an X-ray or a computer tomography (CT) scan. Using these tools proper examination of eye trauma is completed and the severity of eye damaged depending on the type of injury can be estimated as well. However, in certain cases, it is recommended to opt for Ultrasound to properly determine the kind of injury caused to the eyes.

What are the treatments of eye trauma in Hooghly?

According to the eye surgeon in Hooghly it is recommended to seek immediate medical attention in case of any kind of eye injury. The injuries may not appear serious at the first stage, but prompt medical evaluation could only help determine and limit further damage to the eyes. In the case of chemical splashes into the eyes, it should be splashed with clean water for a minimum of 15 minutes. If any hard object gets stuck into the eyes such as a stick or pencil, it is recommended to seek medical attention at the earliest.

However, depending on the type of injury there are several types of other treatment procedures such as -

  • In case of deep lacerations to the eye prompt surgery is recommended to protect vision.
  • In case of scratched cornea antibiotic eye drops or any other ointment is recommended.
  • In case of swelling eyelids, red-eye, or discharge from the eyes the ophthalmologist is the right person to consult.
  • In case of any broken bones in the eye socket surgical treatment is recommended in order to prevent long-term complications such as double vision or abnormal vision.

Choose the best eye trauma treatment clinic in Howrah

For the treatment of eyelid trauma, it is suggested to choose the best clinic specialized in the treatment of eye trauma in Howrah. However, according to a saying "prevention is better than cure", the right way to avoid any eye trauma is to use protective eyewear while working outdoors or at any risky place. It is important to remember that eye trauma does not happen for any single reason, it can happen anytime during activities such as home repair works, sports injury, cooking, house cleaning, or even during sporting activities.

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